Pharmacy Personal Statement 2

Example Pharmacy Personal Statement

The importance of Pharmacy was impressed on me early on by family friends who are pharmacists. They told me how pharmacology has saved countless lives across the world and about the day-to-day life of a pharmacist. Intrigued, I researched the subject and quickly came to the conclusion that, with my combination of mathematical gifts and practical skills, I could make the greatest contribution to saving life by founding my own import/export drugs company offering the rarest, most expensive drugs to needy people in the developing world. I wish to work as a pharmacist first, so that I may gain the requisite knowledge and skills to found my company. Studying Pharmacy is the first step to fulfilling my ambition.

To prepare myself for the degree and my career, I am studying Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology at A-Level. My natural aptitude for Mathematics has shined through in the course and I have received mostly A-grades in course units, after receiving an A grade at GCSE. Studying the subject has inculcated in me a high level of accuracy, which is essential for my chosen career, as a mistaken dosage of a drug could be life-threatening. In the sciences, I most enjoy the practical experiments for which I have a particular talent, and mixing chemicals has given me a taste of my future work, making me particularly look forward to the Professional Practice modules of the degree. I have such a love of the practical work that I have continued to conduct chemical experiments with teachers over the summer. I work exceptionally hard on the sciences as I know that they will equip me with essential knowledge for my future career. My hard work is paying off and I am predicted high grades for both sciences.

Outside of the classroom, I am preparing myself for the degree by undertaking a work experience placement at a large Lloyds pharmacy. I shall shadow the head pharmacist and I hope to gain essential practical knowledge of the day-to-day work of my chosen career. Earlier, I had some very useful exposure to medicine when I took part in a trip to St Bart’s Hospital, where I learned basic medical skills and how timing is crucial to save a person’s life, by following the doctors on their daily rounds. Seeing the tireless work of the medical professionals only strengthened my ambition to become a pharmacist.

Given my ambition, I have been particularly interested in learning more about Clinical Pharmacology and developments within the field. I really look forward to taking the course as part of the degree but to keep up-to-date now about developments in pharmaceuticals, I read numerous scientific publications and websites, including the British Pharmacology Society website and New Scientist. From reading, I have become especially interested in drug development and how scientists devise clinical trials to test the effectiveness of new medications before bringing them to market. I hope to learn more about this side of pharmacology on the degree.

In my spare time, I am a keen amateur boxer and as a member of Finchley Boxing Club I have competed in many competitions. I also played goalkeeper for my school’s football team and I should like to join the boxing club and football team when I enter university. I am a fitness fanatic, spending many hours in the LA Fitness gym of which I am a member. I hope to organise fitness sessions with fellow students at university. I should also like to become involved with a university environmental group. I have strong beliefs about environmentalism and I have tried to do my bit by participating in Global Warming and Saving the Planet conferences.

I wish to take advantage of every opportunity as a student since I shall be the first member of my family to have the privilege of attending university in the UK. I hope that, with the knowledge I gain and the industry contacts I make through my studies, I shall be set on a path to fulfilling my ambition of bringing much-needed drugs to disadvantaged people across the world.

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