Pharmacology Personal Statement

Sample Pharmacology Personal Statement

My ambition to study Pharmacology and to devote my career to working in this field has been inspired by my deep interest in the science involved in drug formulation and the way chemicals affect the working of the body. It is also important to me that I should be able to use the skills and knowledge I have to help other people, particularly those who are vulnerable or in pain.

I have a clear understanding of the role of the Pharmacist in the community and the way he or she is valued. People often seem to consult the local Pharmacist before they go to their doctor, which means that the Pharmacist is in some ways the “front line” in the healthcare system. To be able to hold a position like this in the community, to have the skill to advise and assist people who are unwell and to gain their trust and respect, offers the prospect of real personal and professional satisfaction. I am also excited by the way therapeutic medicine and the design of drugs are making striking progress in the treatment of hitherto intractable diseases. There have been successes recently in the drug treatment of many types of cancer, thanks to the pharmaceutical research that has produced such effective medication. It is clear that there is much more yet to be discovered and explored, and my hope is that I could go on to complete a PhD in Pharmacy and then make a contribution to the breakthroughs of the future.

I read New Scientist every week and make an effort to keep abreast of new developments through following stories in the media. I have read a number of books in my subject and studied many topics in biochemistry and Pharmacology, and this has helped me to understand cell signalling and the role different proteins play in harming or repairing DNA. I am interested in the way certain chemicals can alter cell signalling, and how understanding this phenomenon might be useful in modifying drugs in order to benefit the patient. I am keen to explore cell biology and physiology, the pathways which play a part in maintaining the internal systems and environment of the body, as well as the principles of immunology and the increasingly important topic of biotechnology. One of the driving factors behind my ambitions is my own history of poor health. I suffered from Spinal TB and took many years to recover. Unfortunately my illness was at its worst at the time of my A-level exams in 2006, and my performance was inevitably badly affected by my physical condition. I am now totally fit, however, and I am retaking my A-levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology. I have very confidence that I shall achieve top grades in the summer, and prove my ability to offer unlimited energy to my goal of completing a Pharmacy degree successfully.

It has been impossible for me to undertake any work experience placements to add substance to my interest in the subject, but I very much believe that my reading has helped me to gain a good understanding of the Pharmacist’s role and career. I am fully aware of the weight of responsibility which he or she carries, and that dispensing demands total accuracy and care. I know too that the Pharmacist needs to have a clear understanding of the law and of all the concepts associated with the safe use of medicines, as well as of his or her place in the whole healthcare system.

A clear indication of my present physical fitness is my enjoyment of sports. I play cricket regularly, go to a gym and play snooker. I am bilingual, with Urdu as my mother tongue and fluent English, an asset which I believe could be useful in the community Pharmacist. I work hard and reliably, and particularly enjoy working alongside other people – an essential in the healthcare professions. I like to offer my views but also appreciate the chance to widen my own knowledge through exchanging ideas with others. I am fully committed to my goal, and believe I have the qualities to become a successful student and Pharmacist.

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