Pharmacology Personal Statement

Sample Pharmacology Personal Statement

Drugs are prevalent in our modern society. Every day there is a news story relating to drug abuse, drug addiction and often drug-related deaths. On a more basic level we seem to live in a drug culture that promotes the use of painkillers and chemical cures to all of our every-day issues. Medicines are not only available from our Doctors, but are readily obtained over the counter in most high street shops. Because of this prevalence I have always been fascinated by how drugs actually work in the human body and their significance in the treatment of patients. From my personal studies into this subject I have come to realise that people often take medication for granted. While reading “Remember Drugs are Toxic and Can Potentially Kill You” by Doctor Mercola I was struck by the number of side-effects and dangers in common drugs that the majority of people are unaware of. This has cemented my belief that Pharmacists are extremely important professionals as they are responsible for ensuring patients understand how to use their medication. There is no other career I would feel more comfortable in than being able to provide advice that could potentially save lives.

My academic life to date has been based around my desire to become a Pharmacist. At GCSE I was awarded an A* in Maths and AA in the Double Science Award, which encouraged me to take Maths, Chemistry and Physics on to A level. So far my grades have been commendable and I am predicted to achieve an A* in Maths and A’s in both science subjects. My work experiences have also developed the skills I believe I need in order to become a successful medical professional. I have been a Team Leader at the Yorkshire Post for the past three years which has improved my communication and leadership qualities as well as my organisational skills. In 2010 I undertook volunteer work in a rural part of east Africa, teaching the community how to use new medical equipment and improve their general health through sanitation. In 2012 I also had the opportunity to work with a pharmacist in Somaliland and Ethiopia on a charity mission. I was awed by the number of children we managed to immunize in a matter of days, and inspired by the idea of helping to change the life of hundreds of people over the years. I have also worked with disabled children through a volunteer scheme organised by my church. This involved helping the children to develop their mathematical skills, and greatly improved my abilities of communicating with people of different age groups and those with learning difficulties. I am planning on carrying out additional work experience and I am waiting to finalise my voluntary placement at a cooperative pharmacy in Leeds.

In my spare time I have always endeavoured to improve my knowledge. I read a lot of scientific books and keep up to date with news through newspapers and websites. I have recently read “Taking America off Drugs” by Steven Ray Flora and “Community Pharmacy” by Paul Rutter. I found that both books offered unique insights into the importance of drug regulation and the problems which exist in society. In addition to this I enjoy working with the community and I hope I will have the opportunity to become involved in the University through clubs and societies as well as charity work. To relax I enjoy watching Football and keeping my eye in with logic puzzles through playing SuDoku.

I believe I am well-suited for this university course as I am a hardworking, productive, approachable individual with good team and leadership skills, as well as a genuine passion for the subject. My overall aim is to serve the community as a medical professional, improving peoples’ quality of life and providing care to those in need. Mother Teresa said “you can serve God by doing a simple thing, serving his people”, and this concept is a great influence in my life and my chosen career path. I plan to work hard in order to achieve my goals and I am confident that I can achieve a First Honours degree.

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