Pharmacology Personal Statement 2

Sample Pharmacology Personal Statement

Having discovered an aptitude for Chemistry, Biology and Maths throughout A-level study, pursuing a pharmacology degree seemed like a perfect match for my interests, passions and experience. Working within the field has also shown me that communication skills are important if the industry is to deliver on the promise of improving lives through medical treatments. This combination of methodical research and positive influence on communities makes pharmaceutical science a natural fit.

As a dedicated and ambitious student, I was understandably disappointed when ill health stopped me achieving the grades that I am capable of. Unswerving in my commitment to pursuing my goal, I am currently working towards retaking my exams and expect to receive substantially improved results. Each of the subjects I have studied has contributed to my passion for the pharmaceutical sciences, and has laid a foundation for further study. Chemistry and Biology are perhaps the most obviously connected, offering grounding in practical lab work and the workings of the human body. I find the interaction between these subjects, in their ability to understand both the basic building blocks of organic processes which can alleviate ill health, as well as the causes and effects of that ill health, endlessly fascinating. Studying Maths and Further Maths has also allowed me to get to grips with the mathematical basis of Chemistry and to see how the theoretical ideas encountered find application in real life. Nowhere is this application more obvious, or more necessary, than in the field of pharmaceutical medicine.

Having undertaken 3 weeks work experience with my local chemists, I have had the opportunity to observe the daily duties of a pharmacist; including advising clients and dispensing medicines. Interacting with customers and staff also showed me that communication and teamwork are essential in the role, as you need to be able to offer reassuring, confidential advice. I have honed these skills through experience in other sectors, including business development, customer service and retail. I believe that these transferable skills, when combined with the specialist knowledge gained through undergraduate study, will allow me to handle all aspects of working within the industry, as will the ICT skills I have gained through undertaking a BTEC diploma.

I have also used my spare time to expand my knowledge of both science and business. In addition to reading around the subject, a one day experiment event at Warwick University offered the chance to undertake practical lab work using industry-standard equipment, while volunteering as part of the ‘SPLAT’ team allowed me to lead younger students through a physics experiment, offering experience of communicating scientific ideas. Being appointed Chief Executive during a Chartered Institute of Public Finance workshop offered experience of balancing costs against benefits, making tough decisions and communicating with colleagues, clients and the press, all of which has prepared me for work within industry. As a member of my school football and cricket teams, an active member of my local mandir and a dedicated older brother, I have also shown that I am comfortable with assuming responsibility and offering strong leadership.

Combining my dedication, passion and experience with extensive technical knowledge within the field, it is my hope that undergraduate study is only the first step in a long and rewarding career in pharmaceutical science. A role as a Consultant Pharmacist, for example, would allow my natural inclinations towards both the subject and helping others through communication and advice to find ultimate expression.

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