Administration Personal Statement

Example Administration Personal Statement

In my current role as Administrative Assistant within the Marketing and Communications Department at the iCoCo Research Institute, I have gained a great deal of experience within Higher Education administration in general and within the University of Coventry specifically. I would relish the opportunity to build upon this experience in a new, challenging role.

In my current position I have responsibility for ensuring the maintenance of effective, professional relationships with colleagues, students and clients; dealing with telephone and e-mail enquiries; and assisting with conferences, meetings and events. In addition to these duties, I am also responsible for the clear presentation of web-based research, updating and uploading website content and maintaining client databases. As such, I am well versed in all of the core administrative procedures related to Higher Education and the University of Coventry, as well as use of the relevant IT packages.

As my CV demonstrates, I have worked with ambition and dedication to gain the relevant experience to ensure that I can perform to the best of my abilities within each role I have undertaken. Consistently pursuing a developing career in university administration from Receptionist to Admin Assistant, I have the proven ability to develop new skills quickly and efficiently when required and the drive and determination to push myself to perform to the best of my abilities.

In addition, my previous experience within customer service roles has imbued me with effective verbal and written communication skills, alongside experience of staff supervision, to ensure that I am equally comfortable in a leadership role, or offering support within a larger team. During my time as Shift Run Manager at McDonald’s, for example, I was jointly responsible for maintaining standards of customer service and ensuring employee well being. This experience offered an excellent opportunity to take on extra responsibility as my career with the company progressed and it is this proactive attitude that I have applied to all subsequent positions.

Building on a consistent performance at school, I have also shown the ability to complete written work to a high standard, within strict timescales. Having pursued subjects that foreground language and communication skills to A-Level and beyond, I have found it possible to translate this academic experience into valuable employment skills in my current position. Regularly tasked with undertaking and presenting research or writing website copy, I pride myself on offering the appropriate level of clear, concise information to ensure that the department continues to run smoothly.

In summary, my career in Higher Education administration thus far has proven that I am driven to succeed, consistently gaining new skills and taking on extra responsibility with each new position. While my specific experience within the University of Coventry obviously marks me out as a strong candidate for this role, I believe that it is my fundamental ambition, dedication and meticulous attention to detail that will ensure that I continue progressing professionally and pushing myself to perform to the same high standard in the more challenging role.

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