Performing Arts Personal Statement

Sample Performing Arts Personal Statement

“Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art.” – Stanislavski

Stanislavski uniquely expressed the integral relationship between an actor and his craft; the possibility to ‘become’ a role through embodying the psyche of a character. The process of formal training allows an actor to perform in a way that embodies truth, and from my experiences both on my BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts and in various acting roles, I am keen to study Acting at university in order to become a professional actress in future based on this mindset.

The skills and techniques explored on my BTEC have inspired me to approach acting with commitment and insight; reading and subsequently revisiting “An Actor Prepares” was singularly influential upon my perspective, and I also enjoyed Churners’ “Acting for Film”, to gain perspective on the needs of different platforms. This has undoubtedly had a positive effect on my performance in pieces by several iconic playwrights during my course, including Brecht, “Antigone” (as The Messenger) and most recently “Gasping”, for which I took on a lead role just 2 weeks before opening night. I have also enjoyed studying the production process, which rests upon teamwork across the cast and crew, and inspired me to take a week placement behind the scenes with a production company in summer 2011, as well as on a Tesco corporate film. I have also taken advantage of a number of opportunities for enrichment, including theatre trips and a lecture on professional acting at Disneyland Paris. I am on course for a Distinction and am proud to be touring with “Blood Wedding” in Spain in summer 2012 with the college; although the course has required hard work and determination, it has only deepened my desire to train.

I have pursued several additional acting opportunities including film and theatre work. In 2010 I took a lead role in an Eton College production, which demanded adaptability, and was invaluable in developing my improvisation skills and sense of responsibility as a lead. In 2011 I have gained experience in screen acting, including extra work on a feature film and in a viral advert for Cornetto, and observed the needs of a film set environment. I also played a supporting role in a student final degree silent film at Royal Holloway, which relied upon physical acting and adherence to the director’s specific vision; this led me to take a lead role in another film project later on. I am currently preparing to play the lead role in a local company production and am excited to work alongside actors of different ages; beyond acting, I enjoy film adaptations of my favourite books, such as “One Day”, to consider decisions made in characterisation and realising a written world on screen.

Alongside gaining an Outstanding Achievement award from college, I have also managed part time work, and recently gained an “excellent customer service” award from Jack Wills, which demands an extremely high standard of communication and presentation. I have also saved for an acting course in 2012, which will explore the techniques of both Stanislavski and Sanford Meisner, to inform character work. I am Dancesport Ambassador for the Windsor school system in support of the 2012 Olympics; a role which has allowed me to improve my organisational skills and broadened my perspective on the multidisciplinary nature of the arts, inspiring me to volunteer at a local dance theatre company to help younger students develop their craft. From my varied endeavours I have gained a real sense of achievement from hard work and commitment, and I will apply this in future whenever possible.

Studying Acting has uncovered so many hidden aspects of myself; I have grown not just in confidence, but in self-awareness and determination. The above quotation from Stanislavski implores us to become the art, to enrich ourselves as well as our characters, and it is this inspiration which will ensure my future success as a person as well as an actor.

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