Occupational Therapy Personal Statement

Sample Therapy Personal Statement

Excellent interpersonal skills, self-management and capacity to work with a variety of people and challenges, are qualities which I believe make me an ideal candidate to study BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy. I have education, training and work experience alongside my motivation and ambition to succeed on this course, to become a fully qualified and practicing Occupational Therapist.

From a young age, I have been involved in caring for adults with various occupational stresses. Through work experience and training, I have become adept at solving problems with practicality and understanding. I find it very rewarding helping people optimise their quality of life. This experience has fuelled my desire to further my knowledge of occupational therapy techniques and skills.

I am currently studying an Access to Occupational Therapy course, where I have increased my knowledge in mental health, stress management, communication and diversity. I have learnt and used various techniques to help people overcome or manage their health issues.

I believe this course is my next step to becoming a fully qualified Occupational Therapist. I understand the course involves theoretical and scientific modules, research and clinical placements, applying prior knowledge and experience to develop core and graduate occupational therapy methods. Understanding psychological and physiological aspects of the human body, I will be able to treat and prevent disability and promote independent function.

I enjoy maintaining a good level of fitness by running and playing table tennis. Keeping my mind and body in shape gives me a personal sense of wellbeing, so I can focus my efforts on providing quality care and attention at work.

With over three years experience in working within residential care environments, I have developed my communication and organisational skills, and gained a greater understanding and hands-on experience in occupational therapy.

As a Care Assistant, my key responsibilities include ensuring residents receive a high level of daily physical, mental and social support. By helping to develop and manage limitations or disabilities patients may have, requires commitment, patience and respect to help them fulfil their daily lives with greater satisfaction.

Assisting with activities such as country walks and games involved a high level of organisation to ensure all patients and staff were aware of where the activity was taking place. It also commanded excellent interpersonal skills such as listening, teaching and breaking down activities into achievable components. I have developed a great appreciation of safeguarding, diversity and protection of vulnerable adults gained through work experience and education.

Working in residential care homes allowed me the privilege of assisting and observing day-to-day duties of Occupational Therapists. I have developed an understanding of the assessment process, how equipment can assist elderly patients to become as independent as possible, and learnt different approaches to solving real problems faced by patients.

I have undertaken various training courses such as Manual Handling, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Diversity and First Aid which have been invaluable to my daily working life. I regularly read various books and articles relating to occupational therapy, which expand my understanding of issues and useful techniques.

Studying BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, I hope to further my knowledge, clinical experience, values and professional strategies to be able to function effectively and autonomously in all spheres of occupational therapy.

On completing this course, I hope to practice in a health centre or care environments, where I can enable people to lead a full and satisfying life as independently as possible. I believe I have the patience, ingenuity, determination, common sense and enthusiasm to become a successful practicing Occupational Therapist.

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