Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

My admiration for my grandmother’s work as a nurse inspired me to follow the same career path. I want to combine my interests in medicine, psychology and sociology with my desire to do good for humanity in this challenging and rewarding profession.

At school my favourite subjects were the sciences. I loved learning about the way the human body works in Biology and the effect on the body of various drugs in Chemistry. Last year I took AS Physics to supplement the International Baccalaureate qualification I obtained, and to demonstrate my strong numeracy skills. I enjoy reading about various aspects of medicine such as the interaction and side effects of prescription drugs, Freud’s psychiatric studies, and books on sociology. I look forward to learning more about the scientific academic aspects of nursing by studying the Diploma.

However, the main attraction of the Nursing Diploma is the great weight placed on learning the practical skills of patient care. I am particularly interested in critical/intensive care nursing, and would love to learn more about how to handle the physical, emotional and psychological requirements of patients with life-threatening conditions. I also look forward to learning how to make quick decisions and prioritise in emergency situations.

I believe I already possess the core skills which give me the potential to become a good nurse. Most importantly, I have excellent communication skills. I currently work as a comis chef at Welbeck College where it is essential that we listen carefully in order to communicate effectively within the multicultural team. Often we work under pressure for up to 14 hour shifts which tests me both physically and mentally. I have worked as a deputy manager, where I learnt how to deal with difficult customers. My patience and ability to remain calm and polite in such situations will be invaluable when working as a nurse. My native language is Spanish which enables me to converse with a wide range of people, though on my travels I learnt the art of communicating without having to speak the same language, observing body language and mannerisms. I am respectful of different cultures, and know that as a nurse it is vital to always treat patients with dignity.

I am also highly organised. I worked as head chef in a london nursery, where I was in control of the specific catering requirements of 60 children. I was responsible for the acquisition of food and utensils, stock-taking, keeping records, preparing meals and ensuring hygiene standards were met at all times. Through this role I learnt lots about nutrition and developed excellent time-management skills and a meticulous attention to detail. I also had to liaise with staff members to establish specific dietary requirements, developing professionalism. My favourite aspect of the job was when I actually got to interact with the children. I loved talking to them about their day and helping them deal with their emotional needs.

This experience inspired me to spend a gap year working with orphans in South Africa, which is why I am applying for a deferred entry. I believe this will enable me to strengthen the skills I have mentioned so and enable me to bring valuable practical experience to the Diploma course.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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