Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

I have long been interested in Nursing, thanks to several members of my family working within the medical field sharing their experiences with me. One of the many things that I have learnt from them is that working within medicine offers a unique mixture of intellectual challenge and emotional reward. Nursing, in particular, offers a focus on patient and care and well being that adds a significant level of personal satisfaction to the job. Having worked hard to gain skills, knowledge and experience within the field, both through academic work and employment experience, I firmly believe that I am now ready to pursue further study of the profession at undergraduate level.

I have focused my studies on gaining a good grounding in the scientific knowledge necessary to perform to a high standard within the medical field for a number of years. At school in my native India I took Chemistry, Biology and Physics at the equivalent of GCSE and AS-Level, while last year I passed a Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care. This experience of further education not only added to my scientific knowledge but also gave me a good grasp of many of the practical skills and issues that working within nursing entails. Equally, undertaking study within the UK also showed me that I have the transferable study skills and command of the English language that will allow me to undertake successful undergraduate study in this country.

In addition to my academic knowledge of the field, I have also gained extremely significant work experience within various auxiliary nursing and care-based roles. These roles have given me a greater idea of the real demands of the profession, as well as a solid grounding in the practical skills necessary to fulfil these duties. My most recent role was as an Auxiliary Nurse at a nursing home. Not only was I responsible for offering a level of medical care to the residents but also for teaching and supervising other members of staff to ensure that they had the skills and knowledge to successfully execute their duties. This process of supervision not only offered experience of the logistical and organisational aspects of nursing, but also made me regularly update my own knowledge. To this end, I have attended various related courses in aspects of nursing and health care, from specific courses in dementia and diabetes health care, to more general courses, such as fire safety and infection control. These courses demonstrate my continuing commitment to pursuing the necessary skills and experience to be a truly excellent nurse, a positive attitude to education that will allow me to perform at undergraduate level. Before relocating to the UK I also worked within an Auxiliary Nursing role in hospitals in Saudi Arabia and India. These roles offered the chance to gain experience of the basic elements of a nursing role, including collecting samples and administering medication, to more specific experience of working within intensive care and accident and emergency. Successfully discharging my nursing duties within these high-pressure situations confirmed within me that this was definitely the career that I wished to pursue.

Outside of my academic and professional interests in nursing, I have also spent a significant proportion of my spare time reading up on developments in the field, including nursing journals and newspapers. When not reading I also have a keen interest in keeping fit and have danced and played sport for a number of years.

I have proven myself to be a motivated and dedicated student and practitioner of nursing, with a background of academic and employment achievement. A fast-learner with the ambition to gain new knowledge whenever possible, I have also proven myself to be dedicated to continually improving my knowledge and skill in my chosen field. Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Nursing would allow me to continue this process and achieve my ultimate goal of working as a staff nurse or nursing practitioner.

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