Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

My unique personal encounters led me to consider a career in nursing. A mother of 2 girls, I have learned the rewards of caring for others and learning from experience; and whilst working at a local Elderly Mentally Infirm home, I discovered a passionate interest in the complexities of the human mind and their impact on individuals’ behavior. Understanding and knowledge is the key to effective clinical and residential practices and promoting equality and wellbeing for those with mental issues, and I have become inspired to study Mental Health Nursing, in order to pursue a career in caring for the vulnerable.

My Access to Health course has incorporated many useful modules which have laid a solid foundation for my university career. The Introduction to Biotechnology and Science Research Methods units built on my Double B in Science GCSE, in promoting practical skills as well as knowledge. A natural communicator, I enjoyed the Learning from a Group module immensely, alongside developing my time management and initiative on the Independent Project. I have particularly enjoyed Health Psychology, to gain a theoretical understanding of the relationship between neurological processes and symptoms: I hope to specialise in Psychiatry during my degree and have researched the methods of Freud, Maslow and Lombardo to improve my knowledge. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs illustrates the gulf between physiological and deeper emotional needs, the latter of which are clearly neglected in the case of many vulnerable mental health patients.The Anti-Discriminatory Practice module on my current course underlined the barriers to care and communication which the mentally infirm may face; I was dismayed by a recent Telegraph article which described the severe deterioration of an Alzheimer’s patient due to improper attention from staff in the non-specialist care home where she was improperly placed. EMI homes seek to deliver personalized care programmes through communication with patients and healthcare practitioners, and having seen the positive effects of this in the workplace I am motivated to help uphold these tenets in my own career. The Brighton course’s adherence to the new Nursing and Midwifery Council standards will give me the necessary competencies to work in healthcare settings from secure units to outpatients and residential homes, and I have developed a special interest in care for the elderly.

I have an NVQ level 2 in health and social care gained in the course of my work with the mentally infirm, and the emphasis on communicating with patients according to their needs helped shape my professional outlook. Alongside 3 years in my local EMI home, I have also worked for a care in the community organisation, Companions, and currently I am a healthcare assistant on a respiratory ward, which has given me experience in a busy and unpredictable hospital setting as part of a multidisciplinary team. In both practical duties such as assisted feeds and personal care, and assisting psychiatrists and social workers to help patients overcome their struggles, I have learned the importance of a non-judgmental approach and dedication to care standards.

In my spare time, I often lend a hand to the elderly members of my community, whether by helping to maintain their gardens, do their shopping or just listening to their concerns. I have found great satisfaction in this and consider them my friends: meeting others on a daily basis and creating a bond is the most rewarding outcome of a career that I can imagine.

The decision to apply to university has been one that I have not taken lightly as the first person in my family to attend, and a single mother, but my current Access to Health college course and academic career thus far have whetted my appetite for further study and I am confident that my work ethic and ambition will equip me with the necessary skills to fulfil what is required.

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