Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

Mental and physical health are inextricably intertwined. Unlike physical ailments, however, it can harder to diagnose, treat and support those people who suffer from mental health problems. Indeed, many may not seek out treatment themselves or be reluctant to accept the help that they need. This is why specifically the mental health nursing profession requires people who not only have gained knowledge through rigorous study, but who are also compassionate and caring people with excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with a wide range of people in potentially extreme circumstances. As a dedicated student with a strong track record of achievement within related subjects and employment experience within the care industry, I have the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience to make a contribution both in further study and in my future career.

Having moved to the UK, I have worked hard to gain a strong grounding in the process of studying in the UK and to prove that I have the facility with the language to study to the highest level. I have studied NVQ level 2 courses in Maths and English at Southwark College that have laid an excellent foundation for all my subsequent study, proving my dedicated attitude to a range of disciplines, my ability to think logically and methodically and my ability to communicate my ideas in written form.

Having grounded myself in these basic elements of further education, I have progressed through to courses within my specific field of interest. Last year I undertook a pre-Access to Nursing course at Lambeth College, offering an overview of both the biological knowledge necessary to enter the field and of the practical elements of the role. Currently, I am studying towards a level 3 Access to Nursing course, where I am building upon this previous knowledge to ensure a smooth transition into undergraduate study. I am also undertaking a level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care at Kiera Training College. This course focuses more specifically on the practical aspects of care and has greatly improved my communication skills, my ability to interact with clients and my awareness of the processes and services available to those who require them.

In addition to my academic experience in the field, I have also gained valuable employment experience within a care role. As a support worker I am responsible for caring for clients in almost all aspects of their daily lives. I undertake a range of duties; including offering personal care and interaction, administering medication, preparing and serving food and assisting clients with daily errands and activities. This role has greatly improved my confidence when dealing with clients and has required that I learn how to communicate effectively with a wide range of people to offer a wide range of care solutions. Alongside the practical experience that this position has offered, I have also gained a strong sense of personal fulfilment from playing such a support role in the lives of others, which has motivated me throughout my previous studies and will continue to motivate me to succeed through undergraduate study and beyond.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and keeping up with current affairs. As you might imagine, I have a particular interest in stories that concern the healthcare sector and will often turn to the internet to follow up something that may have caught my eye in the paper.

As a hardworking, meticulous and methodical worker with a strong track record of working well in team-based roles and communicating effectively with both clients and colleagues, I believe that I have the skill and aptitude to make an excellent mental health nurse. Aware of the high degree of knowledge that is necessary to achieve this I have also proven to be a strong student in the field, my motivation to succeed inspiring me throughout previous courses just as it will inspire me through undergraduate study.

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