Nursing Personal Statement.

Sample Nursing personal statement

The primary inspiration behind my ambition to become a midwife is the example set by my grandmother, who was a local community midwife and delivered over 3000 babies during her career, including most of my friends! I remember how contented she was in her work and how fulfilled she felt, serving the needs of other people through her skill and expertise. I was always impressed by her compassionate professionalism and wisdom, which showed itself very clearly when she detected that my mother was carrying twins (my sister and me) when she was only five months pregnant, which the doctors had failed to spot. The event which finally persuaded me to go ahead with the application to study midwifery was the birth of my nephew last year, which I attended. It was a difficult birth with various serious complications, and the midwife spent a lot of time with us. She was in the second year of the degree course and told me much about her training, and again, noting her efficiency and skill, I realized that this was the career I wanted to pursue. I am applying as a mature student, after my own children have grown up and my husband has completed his 30 years in the police force. I still have 20 years of my working life to devote to the NHS, and I believe that my experience of the world and of motherhood, the qualities I have developed as an employee, and the dedication and commitment I can give to the profession make my ambitions both realistic and achievable.

In entering the profession in my 40s I am again following the example of my grandmother, who told me that the decision to take up her full-time career after her children had grown up was the best thing she could have done. My husband’s irregular hours working as a detective meant that I could not take on a job which called for shift work, because one of us would always have to be there for the children. I worked, therefore, in sales, for a group of newspapers, merely as a means of supporting the family, though in the process I learnt much about the discipline of work, the importance of deadlines and the responsibilities involved in being part of a team – all important aspects of the life of a midwife. Earlier this year, in preparation for my university application, I returned to academic study after twenty years, and began a course with the Distance Learning Centre in order to achieve my GCSE Equivalence in English, Maths and Science and an “Access to Midwifery” Diploma. I soon found that I was hugely enjoying the learning process, and I am now on course to achieve the necessary grades during 2013, a year earlier than originally planned. I combine this work with a full-time job, running a family and attending to our two horses – a clear indication of my capacity for hard work and my serious commitment to my goal.

My busy life has prevented me from gaining any work experience in midwifery, but I follow the Royal College of Midwives website for news and subscribe to their newsletters, Midwives and Evidence Based Midwifery. I worked as police officer at one point and was in close contact with many healthcare professionals and have a good understanding of NHS procedures. I have also worked in my spare time to raise funds for the Special Care Baby Unit.

My particular interest is in the role of community midwife, largely because I was immensely impressed by the sensitive, thoughtful professionalism of those who attended my own pregnancies. I am a caring and compassionate individual with much to offer to my future patients, which I have demonstrated in fostering two children, one of them for two years. I am ambitious and determined to reach my goal, and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful midwife.

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