Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

My ambition to become a professionally qualified nurse is inspired by a long-standing commitment to the role of carer, and extensive work experience in the field which has informed my judgement and developed my skills and my understanding of the rewards and the challenges presented by the job. As one of seven children I have long been used to attending to the needs of others. My mother worked as a care assistant and I would often volunteer after school to help her in her duties. After school I worked in the Canary Islands for 18 months, where my most striking impression was of the poor standard of health care, which clarified for me where I should like to concentrate my adult career. My first ambition now is to become a paediatric nurse, largely because of my deep concern for the welfare of children. I know that this can be challenging work, and that a child’s experience of hospital can be traumatic and damaging if not handled carefully. I am also aware of the importance of tending to the needs and concerns of the family in such circumstances. But nursing appeals to me in many forms. Much of my work experience has been with adults suffering from a range of disabilities, both physical and mental, and I can imagine devoting my career to this area of adult nursing. I have a good sense of the difficulties presented by the job, but this is far outweighed for me by the feeling of personal and professional satisfaction it offers, in the knowledge that my training and skill are improving the lives of very vulnerable people.

I have been working as a Care Officer in a home for those with learning disabilities, assisting patients with everyday tasks, such as helping them into and out of bed, seeing to their personal care, administering medication and using epilepsy alarms and BiPap machines. I work closely with the hospital to oversee patients’ medical needs as well as carrying out administrative tasks such as constructing care plans and carrying out risk assessments. Behaviour can sometimes be challenging. Some of my patients have serious mental disabilities, such as autism, Asperger’s, Prader Willi syndrome, epilepsy, Down’s, Noonan syndrome and schizophrenia, and these need very careful handling. In the course of my work I have gained certificates in a number of special care areas, such as first aid (often called for when patients injure themselves; for example, when an epileptic suffers a head injury during a seizure), manual handling, rescue medication for epileptics, and the use of BiPap machines. I was the key worker for one patient, helping him to manage his money, plan his future, attend hospital appointments and generally live as independent a life as possible. There was no funding for 1:1 staff care for him, so I attended to him unpaid outside my working hours, feeling strongly that such people’s needs cannot be bound by the limitations of the set hours of work.

I am a mature applicant, whose decision is informed by much experience and careful thought. My commitment to my goal is, I believe, indicated by my determination to retake my science GCSE and to gain A-levels in Psychology and Biology through home study. I keep abreast of developments in my field by following stories in the media, and by working closely with the hospital and talking to practising nurses about their work.

I am a friendly and confident person, with a deep love of children and a real concern for their wellbeing. I work well with others, but have the initiative to be able to operate happily on my own and to take responsibility for my own actions and decisions. I work hard and take my duties extremely seriously, and I thrive on challenges. For me the greatest personal satisfaction lies in knowing that my actions have made a difference to somebody’s welfare and happiness. My commitment to my career is total, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful student and an exemplary nurse.

This sample Nursing personal statement should be used as a helpful guide showing relevant content and structure for your own personal statement.