Nursing Personal Statement

Example Nursing Personal Statement

Nursing has simply been my dream and passion since I was a child. However, during recent years, I have truly realized the level of my desire succeed in a nursing career. As a motivated individual with a strong desire to work within a dynamic and progressive environment, I feel I am capable in achieving my dream of returning to education to be a registered nurse. I am diligent and punctual as well as respectful to people from any background, with all beliefs. I am an energetic person and enjoy helping others and being active.

I have spent my adult life gaining a wide variety of care experience. I also have vast experience in customer care in and service. For example, I achieved a placement at with the Black Elderly Organization where I spoke with clients about any concern they have about the centre or its services. I have also worked at Cambridge house where I supported people with special needs, under the supervision of senior staffs. I have had experience of a hospital also. At Bromley Road Hospital, I helped to support and care for the adults with mental health issues. My main duty was to check on a selection of clients every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the severity of their condition and assess and record the results. I am part of the hospitality team at my church also working as one of the coordinators in the children’s department. This career history has enabled me to handle and resolve problems effectively and quickly.

My experiences have improved my prospective nursing capabilities as the constant hands-on work has taught me to be resilient, how to read people and situations and how to react quickly and successfully in an emergency. I have a strong sense of responsibility and this ensures that I am always organised, presentable and punctual in my timekeeping. I like to be cooperative and congenial to others and have possess sensitivity to all people. I am always willing to volunteer in any task or situation, which requires his assistance. I am aware of the importance of the most mundane of tasks yet I can still be of great value and assistance when things get more challenging.

I value this opportunity to gain access to further education and have achieved a BTEC level 3 and OCR Level 2 NVQ in Health and social care, as well as a Health care and Support worker certificate. I am also reading journals and new publications constantly for example the RCN journal to enhance my learning and to keep informed in regards to current medical developments and the latest techniques. This has improved my personal knowledge in preparation for resuming education.

As an individual, I am highly adaptable in all situations as a result of my caring history. My experience in life has led to an admiration for nurses as a result of the personal interactions I have had with the nurses who cared for my brother when he was seriously injured and the nurses who cared for me during my pregnancy. The care and attention I had from the nurses and midwives and the dedication and passion they showed in caring for my child, made me reflect and consider my own talent for caring and nursing. It has been confirmed to be on numerous occasions that this is where my passion and talent in life lies. I feel that I would be able to empathize with the parents and families of these and knowing I have these qualities, I will make myself useful, respectful and caring in the community.

I fully understand that Nursing is a way of life and more than simply a career. As a carer, I can adhere to the absolute commitment that this career requires. I am also a good team player but know how to take charge and be a leader when necessary. I feel that my life experience will ensure that I take my studying very seriously and can bring more influences to my work. I understand that nursing demands a capability for medical disciplines, which I am capable of as proven by my educational achievements and my career history in Social care.

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