Nursing Personal Statement

Example Nursing Personal Statement

I came to the UK to live with one of my relatives in the middle of 2004. In order to make ends meet I had to work in factories doing any job that was available, including working as a cleaner, line operator and in data input. This experience instilled in me the importance of both hard work and flexibility in taking on a variety of employment roles. Despite my determination to keep working, however, none of these jobs inspired a passion within me that encouraged my absolute best performance. At end of 2005, I had an offer from Sheffield City Council (CARE4YOU) to perform the role of Home Care Assistant. That is how I started my career within the medical care sector, and I haven’t looked back since. I have gained a lot of compliments, both from patients and from colleagues, and have found that helping others offers the sort of job satisfaction that encourages me to work hard everyday and to continue progressing within the field.

Because it was it was my first experience of medical care I did not know how I would perform. During the interview I asked for some training to build up my confidence and to increase my skills and knowledge in the field. I was unsure how I would cope with the physical demands of the job and whether the rewards of making a difference in people’s lives would outweigh the negative aspects of the job. Luckily, I was working with wonderful colleagues and, between emulating them and receiving thorough training I began to see that I was up to the task. Now the most important thing to me is to get somebody cleaned, comfortable or feeling better. All my reservations about the job proved unfounded and I have, in fact, found that the rewards caring offers define the role for me rather than the challenging aspects of the profession.

CARE4YOU offer thorough staff training and the chance to study for higher qualifications, including NVQ2 and 3. They also offer the opportunity to apply for higher posts, such as Senior Support Worker and Manager. I was eager to progress within my career. I enjoyed the social side of my job but wanted to gain more medical knowledge and experience. Therefore, I decided to apply for a Clinical Support Worker role at Sheffield Teaching Hospital. That is the role that I have been in since 2008.

I am primarily based in a respiratory ward but I also work on various wards for during overtime shifts. I have built up confidence, gained a lot of experience and learnt more skills from working across a range of departments. In a short time I have gone from an inexperienced to a highly competent carer. With excellent communication skills, I ensure confidentiality, privacy and dignity for all patients. I always work within the rules and policies dictated by Sheffield Teaching Hospital. I prioritise infection control, correct moving and handling and good team working and I have a good attendance record.

I know hospital work can be demanding, stressful and involve lots of emergency situations. But somebody has to do it nevertheless and I would like to build my career in the field. I would like to add a qualification on Nursing to the knowledge, skills and experience that I already posses in the field of medical care. This would improve my ability and confidence, allowing me to provide a high level of care to a range of patients. If offered a place within your institution I would work hard to become trained to the necessary standard to ensure that I can fulfil this demanding and rewarding role.

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