Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

I believe that the greatest impulse behind my determination to become a nurse was witnessing the ordeal my mother went through before her death. While I was immensely impressed by the level of support she was given by the healthcare professionals who treated her, I felt powerless myself to give her the help she so desperately needed. I have felt a growing urge in recent years to be able to use my own skills and abilities to bring comfort and assistance to those who are sick and at their most vulnerable. I have already completed a first degree in Economics and a Master’s in Accounting, and I am fully aware of how profound a career change my new plans represent, but I feel strongly that I want to be able to give to society the help I could not give to my mother in her final illness. I feel ready and able to make this change and that I am both academically and personally well equipped to take on the challenges of a new area of study and a new career. Adult nursing appeals to me in all its forms, and one of its central attractions is its variety and range of opportunities. It is interesting to think that I might work in a hospital ward, a clinic or a doctor’s surgery, where community contact is much greater. The science involved in the medical skills interests me deeply, but I am even more attracted by the human aspects of the job, the counselling and comforting of those who are deeply anxious or unwell. The extreme vulnerability of mental patients makes mental health nursing a particular area of interest for me. A huge number of people can need mental health care at some time in their lives, through the stress and trauma that can confront any of us. People with depression are surely in more urgent need of support and care than almost any other type of patient. I am well aware, too, that some of this nursing work can be very challenging at times, but I have no doubt at all that it can offer me the greatest sense of personal as well as professional satisfaction.

Much of my work experience has been concerned with caring or with improving the lot of deprived people, which I believe demonstrates my commitment to the service of others. From 2004 to 2008 I worked as a part-time carer, cooperating closely with auxiliary nurses and other healthcare workers. In 2009 I set up a company with the specific purpose of importing cocoa and coffee from Cameroon to a number of Scandinavian countries. Also in 2009 I went on a mission to Cameroon to supply clothing and foodstuffs to an orphanage and adult centre there, an experience which gave greater substance to my aim of developing a career in caring for the underprivileged and vulnerable. In Gothenburg I spent some time as treasurer, dealing with accounting issues in liaison with the financial secretary and overseeing banking. I also hold a number of qualifications: I have an ASDAN award, have worked on the D of E scheme and have achieved success in the Senior Mathematics Challenge and in music exams.

English is my mother tongue, and I also have competent conversational Swedish. I should very much like to achieve the highest levels of qualification in my field and would hope to do a Master’s degree after graduation, all the time maintaining my commitment to making my own genuine contribution to the world around me. I am hard-working and determined, good at solving problems and clearly focused on my chosen goals. I relate well to other people and have good communication skills, while enjoying challenges and aiming at all times at the best possible result in all I do. I have the creativity of mind to thrive under pressure and to strive for continuous improvement in all my work. I believe that my personal drive and my deep sense of human duty mean that I have the qualities necessary to succeed both in my studies and in my career.

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