Music Performance Personal Statement

Sample Music Performance Personal Statement

From a young age, hearing stories of my grandfather’s career as a play-by-ear pub pianist, I have been passionate about music and determined to pursue a career as a musician. Having worked hard to gain academic and practical experience in the field I am confident that I have the ability to succeed at undergraduate level.

At school I have performed solidly across a range of subjects, showing motivation and ability by taking my GCSEs and my A-levels 12 months early. It has been in musically related subjects where I have performed best, however, and, through undertaking both Music and Music Technology at A-Level I have given myself an excellent foundation for future study.

As with anyone who is pursuing a career within the field, studying various instruments and music theory has also constituted a large element of my extra-curricular activities. My main instrument is the alto saxophone, in which I have achieved a distinction at Grade 8. My love of woodwind instruments extends from playing the clarinet, in which I have achieved a Grade 7, while my broader interest has allowed me to gain both Grade 5 Music Theory and a merit in Grade 2 Piano.

It is performing and sharing my love of music with others that has truly inspired me, however, and I have taken every opportunity to gain experience where possible. I am currently the principle saxophonist for a number of local orchestras, I also fill in as principle clarinettist when necessary. This has offered the opportunity to play in a range of venues and contexts, including concerts at Symphony Hall and various fundraising events. I also play with a range of smaller ensembles throughout my community, covering every type of performance and venue, from busking to residential care homes. More recently I have begun playing with a function band, covering bass sections in a range of covers. While broadening my experience into different styles, this has also improved my arrangement abilities by working out the relevant parts from the recordings by ear. Recently I also attended the Summer Saxophone Spectacular course run by the National Saxophone Orchestra, which offered the opportunity to perform with noted professionals, such as Nigel Wood. I also gained experience teaching saxophone, clarinet and music theory for Musical Den International, Walsall Academy and at local primary schools, greatly improving my confidence in my knowledge, my ability to communicate my enthusiasm verbally and musically, and my teamwork skills. Perhaps the experience of which I am most proud, however, is my performance at last year’s Walsall Young Musician of the Year competition, in which I was a finalist.

While my love of music, and my dedication to developing my skills in the field may well dominate both my educational and extra-curricular activities, I also find time to indulge my desire to play a valuable role in my community, arranging regular fundraising events. I am also a keen traveller with a limitless curiosity about the world, having visited various countries both with school and family.

As my achievements within the field suggest, I am a hardworking and dedicated student with the passion and ability to make a real contribution as a musician. While I have worked hard to gain the relevant academic knowledge to ensure I can perform to a high level throughout undergraduate study, it is my skill in performing, and communicating my enthusiasm to others both through playing and teaching, that will continue to motivate me to achieve my future goals in the field.

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