Midwifery Personal Statement

Sample Midwifery Personal Statement

Now that my children are settled into school there is time for me to pursue a career in midwifery that has been of great interest to me for many years. I have experienced a growing passion for working with babies since my own were born and I am in no doubt midwifery will allow me to develop my pre existing skills. The amount of support and care I received from midwives was hugely impressive; these professionals will always be remembered – midwives have a true influence on a mother’s experience, and an emulation of this positive attention, guidance and care is a goal I would be privileged to work towards.

Over the course of my college studies I have become competent with many skills. From my experience of retaking an A Level I have learnt that perseverance is essential – one must always persist and strive towards goals set for oneself. Undertaking an NVQ in administration allowed me to broaden my systematic and methodical temperament and has helped me whilst working at home for my A Level alongside raising three children. These studies demonstrate my aptitude at self-motivation, organisation and coordination of workload that have prepared me well for moving onto a course in further education and all the practical aspects that entail from this. Concurrently, taking an access course to midwifery at Chester College has edified my ambition and has allowed me to see, from the other side of the patient/professional relationship, that this occupation is well suited to my sensibilities, personal skills and abilities.

My wide variety of work experience has increased my confidence and personal ability in regards to undertaking a degree course in midwifery.

My promotion to head supervisor whilst working as a waitress displays my leadership capability and advanced communication skills; these will prove invaluable when working in stressful situations where quick thinking and decision making is essential. Having worked in an art gallery, often in charge of finances, my numerical skills were honed and I learnt that my eye for detail is second to none. This is another essential ability leading up to and after a child is born, allowing both baby and mother to receive the best and most accurate care possible.

After having my children, nursery and child minding work took up much of my time. Child minding was preferable as spending time with families and parents was extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Having up to sixteen children on my books showed me I thrived in a busy and demanding environment, and my business was run smoothly and with confidence whilst utilising my interpersonal skills and professional knowledge gained throughout my work with young children. I filled much of my spare time with the role of events organiser with the PTA at my sons’ school; I took pleasure working within a team of many women and feel that this experience will benefit me hugely when practicing midwifery and eventually becoming a professional. Whilst taking part in the Hive Project within the Navy, welcoming new families, I strove to behave amiably and with warmth – two utterly indispensable characteristics of midwifery that I took joy in performing.

During the course I hope to be able to share my maternal experiences with other students of midwifery and to engross myself in the many extra curricular possibilities. I would particularly like to undertake as much relevant work experience in addition to what I have already accomplished, to supplement my learning and make as much of a positive impact as possible. I have many hobbies, but balancing these with my young children is sometimes difficult. I find caring for my children and doing fun and new activities with them as they grow allows me to burn off steam and to relax after a days work.

I have taken time to decide on my correct career path and I feel I am mentally and emotionally prepared for the journey into midwifery. I am particularly anticipating the modules Management and Professional Issues in Midwifery and Neonatal Nutrition; the former module excites me as I have ambitions of eventually becoming a head midwife, and the latter due to the interest I took in regards to nutrition with my own children. I am however very enthusiastic to become involved in every aspect of the course and learning, and from looking back at my achievements I see that my experience, character and qualities are thoroughly suited to midwifery.

During university tuition I hope to gain a different experience of childcare and to engross myself in a more engaging mode of learning; I am really raring to start my midwife training. My cheerful nature, personal skills, knowledge of children and dedication to this vocation all demonstrate my keenness of interest in this degree course, and in ultimately becoming a midwife.

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