Midwifery Personal Statement

Example Midwifery Personal Statement

My love for helping others originally led me to a career in customer service and security, but Midwifery provides an unparalleled opportunity to make a difference to women in perhaps the most vulnerable period of their lives. Human biology has always fascinated me: the interaction of hormones, fusion of cells and chemical reactions to facilitate conception comprise an extraordinary sequence of events that ensures the continuation of our species, and happens every minute across the world. My personal interest in biological processes stems from being adopted as a child: I have a strong sense of the importance of genes in development, as after meeting my biological parents for the first time I was struck by the strength of inherited characteristics which accounted for our similarities. Yet nurture and education are also instrumental in the upbringing of children, and it was my ill health following my third pregnancy which inspired me to seek a role delivering this care to others. I read extensively around the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to find natural solutions for my conditions, and the positive results inspired me to promote these benefits to my staff in my position as manager of my own sizeable company. I am now intent on an exciting career change, utilizing both my leadership and communication skills in combination with the practical knowledge gained from a Midwifery degree in order to optimize the childbirth experience for mothers and their families.

I did not take the academic route into professional success, but my achievements thus far speak to my natural initiative and adaptability. I have always sought to maximize my professional opportunities; during my early career at Umbro International Ltd, I progressed from an agency warehouse employee to the export office alongside influential businessmen including Shakeel Anwar. Their influence inspired me to later build my own security/service provider company, CSO Ltd, having spent over 15 years networking and developing a career in the security industry. My commitment to upholding excellence and flexibility and stamina in emergency and high pressure situations are some of the key assets which I will bring to Midwifery. Alongside my current position managing CSO, I have volunteered at my local Sure Start Centre, in order to gain insight into healthcare provision for mothers and children in practice, including teaching and giving advice to ensure long-term quality of life for families.

I am also currently undertaking an access course at Manchester College which incorporates A-Levels in Biology and Sociology. I have found the study of Sociology particularly enriching in terms of its application to healthcare issues, which can be very sensitive and controversial. Increasingly mothers are older when they choose to conceive, and the associated implications of this- from the impact of a low birth rate and subsequent ageing population, to the higher risk of disabilities – provide intriguing topics for debate. Further, having worked in the service industry which demands high standards and accountability, I am inspired to help uphold universally optimised healthcare, regardless of socio-economic factors which can impact negatively on provision. I look forward to spending time on placement in order to learn best practices in a clinical setting, and delivering these throughout my future career.

The recent opening of Midwifery to individuals outside of nursing indicates a move towards recognizing other life experiences and skills in helping expectant mothers make the best possible start, and I feel my professional experiences will only augment my university experience. I have never failed to realise my potential through hard work and determination, and leading teams of people to success throughout my career has given me the empathy and strength of character to mentor others in a role at the forefront of caregiving.

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