Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement 3

Example Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

Applying for postgraduate study in the area of mental health nursing has been an ambition of mine since working as a BUPA health care assistant following a hiatus from the professional medical sphere. Having spent almost twenty years in the finance sector, working as a BUPA health care assistant allowed me the opportunity to spread my knowledge and to realise that this is direction I would like to steer my career towards, with specific relation to metal health nursing for the elderly. There is a demand for qualified professionals to deliver competent care to the elderly and I would very much like to fulfil my potential as a practitioner and to develop professionally into a managerial role after gaining essential experience on the hospital floor. I would like to utilise my leadership and organisation skills during this course and will input much energy into applying diligence and patience both during my learning and when qualified.

Whilst at university reading Microbiology I threw myself into extracurricular activity and gained many skills from my varied experiences that prepared me well for life after education. My organisation skills were honed as deputy president of the science departmental club, and I was responsible for arranging and coordinating activities such as quizzes, lectures and dedicated student social nights. I also organised free genotype blood tests and played a part in faculty fundraising for the underprivileged in the community. Through all of these activities I learnt how to communicate effectively with people from all sections of society and my interpersonal skills flourished. My self-motivation to exceed my previous achievements was high, and I constantly strove for excellence in all I undertook. These experiences proved extremely valuable to my progression into a career and I enjoyed utilising all I had learnt when working as a Customer Relations Officer at the Societe Generale Bank, and then as a Finance Officer at FCDA. Excellent communication and organisation skills were essential in these roles and they will also be necessary when pursuing my goal of becoming a mental health care nurse. I look forward to rising to the challenge of returning to education and to transferring my skills back into learning.

During this aforementioned work experience I achieved level one and two certificates in Basic Bookkeeping; these aided my professional development and helped my career progression. I am adept to dedicating myself to my vocation and look forward to inputting much endeavour to both my studies of nursing and to my eventual career. After working as a BUPA care assistant, I followed my interest by taking a Level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care, and very much enjoyed these learning and practical experiences. Pursuing postgraduate study in mental health nursing will allow me to specialise in my specific area of interest and I hope to be able to offer my diverse skill set to this occupation.

My NVQ allowed me to delve into the different facets of health and social care and to gain academic insight into careers in this field. Learning about contextual issues surrounding both mental and physical health gave me valuable perspective on both of these areas and allowed me the time to decide which I would like to move towards. Mental health nursing will give me the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to care for and to aid patients who are in need of professional help, and I hope to be able to make these people’s lives more comfortable with the knowledge and practice I will gain throughout my return to further education.

All the skills, and academic knowledge that I gained during my undergraduate degree, and during my previous non medical career, will aid me hugely when studying at university once again, and then once qualified when working as a nurse. I enjoy being part of, as well as leading, a productive and proactive team and I will be able to use my communication and motivation skills to best facilitate these benefits of group work. Successful nursing is extremely involved with positive communication both with the patient and with colleagues and I anticipate functioning well in my role as a nurse, learning quickly what is demanded of me and rising to all the challenges that I will face.

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