Medicine Personal Statement 8

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

My love of science emerged at a young age. As a child, I witnessed my grandmother struggle with heart disease. Besides from this being difficult for her, it was, of course, a source of much stress and depression for my family. However, through surgery, her health was greatly improved. My family and I were amazed by how the application of scientific knowledge could improve her wellbeing so drastically, which brought us much happiness. This time in my life, therefore, inspired me to pursue science.

Having now studied chemistry at A-level, I have come to appreciate its value within the context of health. I am fascinated with how the nervous system behaves in the presence of both endogenous and exogenous chemical compounds. It is difficult to overstate the profound impact that knowledge in this area has had on medicine within the last couple of centuries or so. For me, it would be a privilege to attempt to contribute to this knowledge base, knowing that any insights might provide the basis for novel treatments.

In my spare time, I have tried to gain a better understanding of the healthcare industry, and the role of science within it, through various roles. For example, I have volunteered for the British Heart Foundation, helping to sell items to raise money. I have also assisted science technicians in my school by preparing chemicals for practical classes. Through this, I came to appreciate the attention to detail that is required when conducting experiments.

Additionally, I have taken the initiative of speaking to pharmacology graduates about how they found their courses, as well as about their career plans. I was delighted to hear that it is beneficial to have a solid foundation in mathematics, which is something that I have always enjoyed and performed highly in. I also take time each day to read news papers in order to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the health-related sciences.

Outside of school, I engage in a range of sports, including hockey and football. In particular, however, I have a passion for cricket. Besides from playing, I have had the honour of passing my knowledge of the sport on to younger generations at my local club, and of acting as captain for my school team. My involvement in cricket has, therefore, fostered my ability to work in teams, to lead, and to communicate. I feel that these skills will serve me well throughout my degree, where I look forward to engaging with others about pharmacology. Furthermore, I am aware that scientists typically work in small teams, and so my ability work well with others will be of value upon graduation too.

Throughout my education I have held a number of roles that have helped me to develop as a person. For instance, as a maths prefect, I am able to share my enjoyment of the subject with younger students that are experiencing difficulties with aspects of it. It is a pleasure to be able to help, and I anticipate that I would obtain the same sort of feeling from contributing to pharmacological knowledge. Additionally, I used to serve as a coordinator of the Youth Group at the local mosque. Having these responsibilities whilst also focusing on academia has meant that I have had to develop excellent time-managements skills. Consequently, I am confident that I shall be able to cope with the demands of higher education.

Whilst having studied maths and chemistry I have developed a basis of knowledge that I feel will allow me to assimilate pharmacological concepts without too much difficulty. I also believe that I have a solid understanding of the role of the discipline within society and of lives of pharmacologists. I am, therefore, confident that I will derive much enjoyment from undertaking the degree and that I shall be an asset to the course and institution.

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