Medicine Personal Statement 5

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

During the course of my medical training I have become increasingly interested in the problem of cardiovascular disease, its human effects, its economic implications and, of course, its treatment. My deepest ambition is to play a part in bringing this modern scourge under control, both by prevention and by surgical intervention. The role of the surgeon strikes me as one of the most satisfying and rewarding of human occupations. The miraculous mechanism of the body can be increasingly understood, repaired and serviced by the surgeon in a manner that certainly would have struck our ancestors as miraculous. To be able to bring life-saving relief to one’s patients, to see one’s efforts succeed and one’s knowledge and experience offering the gift of a new life to those who are severely disabled by disease is surely one of the most wonderful things a human being can do. My own consuming interest in the workings of the body began in my childhood and developed during my school years. I was very fortunate in being offered the chance to study medicine in Hungary, at the University of Szeged – something of a culture shock to a nineteen-year-old from Nigeria, of course, but an opportunity which offered me the fulfilment of all my hopes and plans to become a doctor. It was during my clinical years at the University that I became particularly interested in cardiovascular disease, and I am now certain that this is where I should like concentrate my career plans. I feel that a degree from a UK university would be the best possible basis for my professional life as a surgeon.

It is the alarming epidemiological statistics of cardiovascular disease that concentrate my thinking so strongly. It is perhaps the most frequent cause of death in the modern world. It is becoming increasingly a disease of low- and middle-income groups, mainly because of their inability to take measures to prevent the onset of the disease through healthy eating, stopping smoking, taking exercise and ensuring that their blood pressure and blood sugar levels are frequently checked. Apart from the human cost of the disease, it is important to consider the economic cost too, in terms of the resulting disability of sufferers, their inability to work and the cost imposed on health services. It is a very important field for a doctor to work in, and I have been very fortunate in being able to train as a vascular surgeon under the famous Dr Rokszin Tibor at the Bks Megyei pndy Klman krhz in Gyula, Hungary, where I have assisted in surgery and performed minor operations, and where I am closely involved in post-surgical care of patients. The experience has served only to sharpen my ambitions to make my career as a cardiovascular surgeon myself.

I always enjoyed science classes at school, and was particularly interested in the biology and genetics lectures, because of the intellectual challenge they presented. Outside the classroom I have worked for a charity which cares for disabled children, a humbling experience which taught me much about what matters in life. I enjoy playing football and captained our High School team which won the Nigerian national schools championship in 2002. It was an event which gave me a taste of what success is really like, and offered me ideas on how to achieve my goals. My mother tongue is English and I also have good conversational Hungarian.

I always keep abreast of developments in my chosen field through reading journals such as the BMJ and following news stories in the media. I have a very strong belief in the virtues of hard work and personal commitment, and have considerable powers of concentration and determination to achieve my set goals. I work well with others, but I also have the confidence to make my own judgements and act in accordance with them. My ambitions are very clear to me, and I can offer my total dedication to succeeding in an advanced degree course. I hope you will consider my application.

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