Medicine Personal Statement 2

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

Medicine attracts me because it combines both science and humanitarianism. It offers the chance to satisfy my intense curiosity about the sciences with the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help people at their most vulnerable, to alleviate pain and to change people’s lives. My first degree in Biomedical Sciences, in which I achieved a First, has given me an excellent grounding in the science underlying much practical Medicine, including immunology, cellular pathology and medical microbiology. During my degree course I wrote a final year project on “The Inflammatory Phases of Arthrosclerosis”, which called for extensive research into techniques and their immunological effects and demanded complex laboratory skills. Other work experience and voluntary work has made me increasingly aware of the impact of disease on human beings and the need for sensitivity, good communication, understanding and respect for one’s patients, as well as impressing on me the importance of the multidisciplinary nature of any course of treatment.

My first work experience placement began, amazingly, at St Mary’s Hospital on 7th July 2006, the day of the London terrorist bombs. I observed the professionalism, speed and efficiency with which the medical team responded to a real crisis to save people’s lives and quickly learnt how doctors and other health professionals join forces and combine their skills in the interests of their patients. My role was to offer as much help as possible to the patients, talking to them, fetching their medications and escorting them to other wards. For a year I volunteered at the Royal Free Hospital on the elderly wards, gaining great satisfaction from knowing that I had really brought comfort to people whose lives had been very different from my own. The doctor I shadowed in Cairo in 2009 set me an example of the way to handle patients, through clear communication, reassurance about the invasive procedures and a comforting bedside manner, as well as demonstrating the diagnostic skill that lies at the centre of his role. Volunteering at UCL Hospital allowed me to work to improve the quality of people’s lives as much as possible. I saw procedures in the Hyper-acute Stroke Unit, in short-stay units and surgical departments. With St John Ambulance I am a Community First Responder Training Manager, trained to attend emergency calls until the ambulance arrives. I have assisted people with strokes, diabetes, systemic anaphylaxis and seizures, and I have performed CPR and operated the external defibrillator. I train new responders in clearing the oropharyngeal airways and the use of AED, oxygen, Entonox and bag-valve masks. At present I am working part-time in a pharmacy, advising customers, running health checks as well as dispensing.

Outside my Medical interests I enjoy sports and captained my local club football team through competitions, which called for good leadership ability and an understanding for teamwork. I have achieved a Silver Award in the D of E Scheme, where I was elected navigator. I have been a group leader with Envision, a movement aimed at improving the environment and community. My group raised money for Diabetes UK through organising a sports event. I took part in debates at the United Nations Association and helped with charity fund-raising, and gave lectures on various diseases as part of my degree course.

I have enjoyed taster courses and “Science in Action” lectures at King’s College, London, and I regularly read the New Scientist and The New England Journal of Medicine. I am very hard-working, well-presented, self-motivated and determined. My good interpersonal skills are central to my belief that I can make a real contribution to patient care. I am totally committed to my ambition and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful Medical student.

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