Medicine Personal Statement 32

Example Medicine Personal Statement

I have been extremely interested in medicine ever since I was young. The human body and the ways in which modern medicine can intervene fascinate me: when I broke my thumb aged 11, the complexity of the X-ray and the subsequent healing process over just 6 weeks inspired me to look further into the human body. I have really enjoyed studying Biology, alongside reading medical articles- such as a BBC article about how cancer ‘elbows’ its way around the body. While completing a recent charity fun run for cancer research I met many inspirational people who had experiences with cancer, and confronted the question as to why some have lost relatives, while others have beaten this disease. I became interested in oncology due to personal experiences: my grandmother’s struggle with breast cancer showed me that medical issues cannot fail to affect all our lives. Throughout the stages of treatment such as mastectomy, chemotherapy treatment and lymphoedema, I was inspired by her strength and humour, and she encouraged me to become a doctor and help find a cure for the disease.

During my AS-Levels I attended a 3 day induction course at the Prince Phillip Hospital Llanelli, intended for sixth-form students interested in a career in medicine. I was struck by the varied aspects of this environment, from practicing laparoscopy on a machine to shadowing a junior doctor in A&E. I found A&E very interesting given the range of injuries presented, from broken ribs to an attempted suicide by a girl not much younger than myself- which underlined the life-or-death nature of this work. I spent time in day surgery and fracture clinics and enjoyed interacting with patients during their procedures and seeing how their lives had been improved as a result. Shadowing doctors gave insight into how they communicate with patients and get to the root of problems; the experience only reinforced my desire to study medicine.

I have since taken every opportunity to volunteer in care environments. I spent 8 days at Norton House, a day centre for the vulnerable elderly. Listening to the personal stories of the elderly people was fascinating, but I particularly enjoyed working at the annex for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Learning how to communicate effectively with these patients opened my eyes to see how illness can drastically affect the lives of individuals- I found it interesting that a person of 102 could walk and recall memories, but a woman of 87 had to use a wheelchair and couldn’t recall what she did 5 minutes ago. This experience taught me much about the different needs of patients, and the value of sensitive communication.

This year I have been volunteering for the Red Cross. I work at Singleton Hospital in the Chemotherapy day unit, a choice I made given my experience of my grandparents suffering with cancer. Part of my work includes talking to the in-patients and their families while they wait or undergo treatment. As well as expanding my experience in this environment, I have found that the Red Cross has taught me how to listen, which in my opinion is a crucial trait for a doctor. Each case is different and complex, but the relief that can be given to individuals through finding the right answers is so rewarding. I look forward to gaining further clinical experience, as well as consolidating my chosen specialisation at the placement stage of my course.

I am able to communicate with all groups, through years of playing music as well as working with my friends at school and my colleagues at the Red Cross. I play in flute and saxophone ensembles and have completed Grades in flute, saxophone and piano, including a grade 5 in Flute. I also enjoy archery and acting. I would be the first person in my family to study at university and feel that it would make me a well-rounded person, as well as enabling me to fulfil my career ambitions. I have much to contribute as well as learn, and am committed to achieving my goal.

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