Medicine Personal Statement 31

Example Medicine Personal Statement

I have always found studying the sciences intriguing. Having always been a mathematician, I am analytical and enjoy problem solving; at school I received awards for the Maths Challenge, and went on to gain a Silver award in the 2009 Biology Olympiad. It was the study of Biology at school which translated my interest in the sciences into a potential career. The complex mechanisms of the human body are incredible to me: innovations such as keyhole surgery, which assisted in my grandfather’s bypass operation and has helped thousands of people around the world, exemplify the power of modern medicine to change and save lives. I was able to try out a simulation of keyhole surgery at the Royal Society of Science’s summer fair, and pursued other avenues to help me delve deeper into the field of medicine, such as attending lectures at UCL weekly, visiting the Wellcome Centre, and reading books and articles. I particularly enjoyed Tony Hope’s ‘Medical Ethics: a very short introduction’, as I found the ethics behind medical dilemmas such as euthanasia and the ‘cost of life’ fascinating. Doctors grapple with these issues on a daily basis, and convinced of my desire to study and work in this field, I have sought relevant work experience to progress my ambition.

While undertaking work experience in the Paediatric Liver department at King’s College Hospital, I gained insight into the workings of a hospital environment. By observing the way the multidisciplinary staff at a gastro clinic interacted with one another as well as their patient and patient’s parents, I realized the importance of teamwork and communication in diagnosing a problem and optimizing the clinical environment. I watched a tumour being removed from the brain of a child and was amazed by the determination and manual skill of the surgeon and doctors, whose calmness under pressure was inspiring. I shadowed a neurosurgeon, doctors and the team secretary and was made aware of the importance of each individual team member, all of whom are integral in the achievement of a successful result. This teamwork appeals to my personality, as in school, as a leader of the ‘Green Team’, I am responsible for representing and promoting environmental awareness, as well as managing and supporting younger members of the team. Our environment is another of my scientific interests, and like medicine exemplifies the degree to which scientific issues affect us all- I am therefore passionate in my support of the team and enjoy inspiring other students. I have also found that volunteering in a charity shop recently has enhanced my interpersonal skills, by being able to communicate with a diverse range of people; balancing this part-time work with my studies has also improved my time management. This work inspired to become an active part of my school’s Interact Society, which organises charity events, and I have considered volunteering as a medic in a disaster support team abroad in my future career. I also enjoy sport and was proud to accomplish my black-belt in Shotokan Karate through single-minded determination. Another of my long time passions is the classical Indian dance form of Bharatnatyam, which has increased my confidence through public performances, and is very relaxing.

Since the start of summer I have been volunteering at a local care home providing assistance to people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Although I have found this work emotionally challenging, given the degree of empathy involved in caring for the vulnerable elderly, it is so rewarding to see the effect my help has had on their wellbeing and state of mind. I have learnt that at times improving quality of life is all we can do, but I firmly believe in the ever-advancing possibilities and breakthroughs of medicine, which will in future only enhance patients’ lives further. The satisfaction I get from helping people and my desire to explore the sciences further make me determined that medicine is the field for me.

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