Medicine Personal Statement 30

Example Medicine Personal Statement

My eagerness to study medicine originated in personal experience. Following the death of a family member, I was shocked by the realisation that someone can still die from a disease even when a doctor is in attendance. This motivated me to want to work to develop the science which can benefit so many people, as well as impressing on me the fact that not everyone does get better, and that the doctor’s role can be distressing sometimes. On another occasion I consulted my GP on a very uncomfortable allergic skin condition which had failed to respond to earlier medication. I was struck by his professionalism, and the way he treated me with the utmost respect and sympathy, and it was from that time that I began to admire him and want to be as efficient as he was in treating those who are suffering and vulnerable. I have a consuming interest in biology in all its branches, and am constantly impressed by the unity and completeness of organic systems, and specifically in the way the human body is such a miracle of economy, with no space “wasted”, no organ or feature redundant, and every part working in harmony with every other. Medicine is my central interest because it combines the human involvement of caring for others with the intellectual satisfaction of a science which is in constant development, and I can think of no more fulfilling role in the modern world than that of the doctor.

I have undertaken a variety of work experience, much of which has, I believe, helped to develop some of the skills I shall need in medicine. I have worked as a volunteer in a pharmacy, learning the prescription routine, checking medication, and coming to see how responsible the pharmacist is in patients’ health regimes. I also work in a care home, with some very vulnerable and dependent people, where the importance of patience has become clear to me. It is also essential to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude in dealing with the old, lonely and sick, as this seems to be the surest way to recovery. I have also worked for Oxfam, dealing with the public, and I have spent some time working in schools, where I had the opportunity to teach children, and began to develop the idea that I should like eventually to be a paediatrician. Here again it was the importance of patience which struck me, as well as the need for clear communication, quick thinking and efficient organisation. The experience taught me how important it is to explain things clearly to others, and how useful an approach using pictures can be with children. I have attended taster sessions at King’s College Hospital, and at Imperial College, and a university class at King’s Bangladesh Society, all of which confirmed my wish to study medicine.

I am the first person from my family to apply to a university. I came to England very late in my school career and had only six months to prepare for my GCSE exams, which is, I believe, good testimony to my powers of organisation and self discipline. My international background has enabled me to be multilingual. My mother tongue is Urdu, and I am also fluent in Punjabi, English, German and French – in the last case considered capable enough to teach French to others. I have little doubt that these skills will be of considerable value to me in my projected career.

Outside the classroom I enjoy various sports, particularly those which involve teams. I also enjoy reading, I draw a little, and I sing in a choir. I am a sociable individual, with honest respect for the opinions of others, and I know that the ability to work in a team is central in hospital medicine. I am hardworking and respond well, I believe, to pressure. At the same time I have the capacity to remain calm, to take decisions rapidly but rationally, and I am punctilious about detail. Medicine appeals to me as the most interesting and satisfying of careers, which offers me the chance to make a real difference to other people’s lives, and I hope you will consider my application.

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