Medicine Personal Statement 29

Example Medicine Personal Statement

At 16 I decided I wanted to study medicine and work placements in England and India over the next 3 years confirmed this. I observed a Paediatric team at Kent & Canterbury Hospital treating and supporting families, where I learnt the importance of compassion and experienced the rewards of working within the field. This was reinforced working at a nursing home last summer. I discovered medicine cannot always offer a cure and how vital each team member is in patient care, while also forming memorable relationships with staff and residents that offered different perspectives on life. My own life changed during a 2-month internship in India. The inequalities in healthcare caused by the shocking social divide were obvious. Volunteering enabled me to experience first-hand the lack of resources, offering an interesting contrast with my week investigating homeless access to healthcare in Canterbury. Joining the daily ward round at Fortis, I got to grips with diagnostics, applying logic to piece together the puzzle of symptoms. Observing women’s health issues at the sister site, I was gratified by the way the doctors formed trusting relationships, putting patients at ease and including me in the team. The manual dexterity and quick thinking of surgeons was also inspiring as they passed on their knowledge in vascular, urology and keyhole surgery. F1’s in GI and HCOOP gave me a realistic view of the work and dedication required and length of training, emphasising the less glamorous details but failing to discourage, as my time with them only reiterated how much I wanted to be in their shoes.

One of the exciting aspects of medicine is that it requires lifelong learning and is intellectually challenging. Subscriptions to New Scientist and Biological Science Review inform me of new developments. My interest in molecular biology was developed when I was selected for the Pfizer Biology Project, where my partner and I looked at creating a Herpes vaccine. Research lacks the interaction of medicine but did put my knowledge into context, which was useful on the wards. Keen to learn more, I found myself reading up on cases and am proud to report that, in my last month at Fortis, I diagnosed TB.

Enjoying volunteering within school and the community, I held positions of responsibility as Form Guardian and Pastoral Coordinator. Engaging students in Big Bang club, I liked transferring my enthusiasm for science, while four years as Glittery Owl at 2nd Chartham brownies, has developed my leadership and organisational skills, planning and running meetings. Having completed my leadership qualification, I can now run a pack myself. As a 1st aid trained Red Cross volunteer, I aid individuals needing help post-discharge. The combination of my experiences has enhanced my communication skills, allowing me to speak with confidence and listen with empathy.

Textiles and music offer an outlet for my creative side requiring attention to detail and time-management. Grade 7 standard, I have played 1st violin at CYO for the past 4 years. I have completed bronze DofE and been part of a Young Enterprise business, honing leadership and teamwork skills. Having caught the bug, I plan to spend my gap year working on reception at a GP surgery and as an HCA to finance further travels.

I see medicine as a career I can evolve with, combining my love of science and learning with my interest in people. I feel I have the qualities to become a good doctor and would relish the opportunity to study towards the betterment of lives.

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