Medicine Personal Statement 27

Medicine Personal Statement

Making my application as a mature student, I have aspired to study medicine for nearly ten years and have been employed within the NHS for the bulk of this period. Working closely with a range of healthcare professionals across several hospitals, I have gained firsthand insight into providing efficient, patient-oriented service and I possess true appreciation for the disciplined and demanding nature of a medical career. My passion to become a doctor has been strengthened through my experiences and I find it truly inspiring to work in such a dynamic environment, where no two days are the same and there is the promise of constant challenge. I have an inquisitive mind and love learning; since childhood I have been fascinated by the complexity of the human body and the many factors that can influence its function. For me, no other career presents such a valuable opportunity for ongoing education, or a more worthwhile wider purpose. The vocation of doctor is unique, representing a fusion of academic expertise and compassionate ability to provide care for the vulnerable.

Currently completing a Physiotherapy degree, I have acquired innumerable transferable skills that will support me in my ongoing studies and in my chosen future. I have treated patients for cardiac, neurological and musculoskeletal problems and, in diagnosing, treating and making discharge decisions, I have had a real taste of the duties of a doctor (although I appreciate that they work at a more intense and varied level). Being able to practically apply theories I have researched is particularly exciting. My current placement focuses on the profound field of neurology; however, I am experiencing a realistic daily routine as I accompany consultants on ward rounds and into meetings, where my input is expected. Sadly, I also witness the harsher realities of life in a busy working hospital as not all acute patients come through their treatment successfully. I first learned to cope with this during my time working in A&E trauma theatres, where I observed thousands of complex operations demonstrating surgeons’ precision and stamina. In order to build on such unusually comprehensive past work experience, I have been proactive in organising several further placements to undertake next summer after my graduation. I will be returning to my old employers Lincoln County Hospital and Children’s Hospital, where I expect to extend the scope of my medical understanding.

Having volunteered teaching sports and I.T. to primary school children across the Wirral, I am innovative at balancing a workload and in addition to university I enjoy a part-time hospital job. Here, I run the records department in an unsupervised role testifying to my trustworthy and professional attitude. The latter is often commented on, as I aim to build a respectful rapport with all, exercising empathy and the calm, clear communication that is crucial in a medical workplace. Physiotherapy, a varied field, has taught me to be open-minded and always willing to learn. My deep interest in trauma medicine suggests a future specialism and I aspire to one day qualify as a consultant; teaching others is an opportunity I would relish. My one fixed goal, however, is to continue working within the NHS, a service I feel passionate about and which presents the most engaging spectrum of cases. Recognising the importance of unwinding after work, I have taken up several adventure sports with university clubs. Team games such as rugby are also important to me and I coordinate weekly football matches, utilising my natural organisational abilities to motivate others. This sociable persona of mine means I am eagerly anticipating merging with a new cohort and exploring the diverse experiences of other graduates. The unique content and structure of your course appeals to my style and I am wholehearted in my determination to bring a knowledgeable and supportive contribution to the learning curve that studying medicine will present.

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