Medicine Personal Statement 24

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

As a highly motivated and organised individual with a strong drive to succeed, I was drawn to a degree in television and radio production as it promised a career in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. After achieving considerable academic success, I was proactive in securing my first position with a major media-buying company. Working independently within a team structure, I helped create and implement advertising campaigns across all media, dealing with multi-million pound projects and prestigious clients. Recognising that I had developed superb problem-solving, team-building and leadership abilities, in addition to communication and interpersonal skills, I began to question the fulfillment that I was gaining through the job and the compassionate, conscientious aspect of my personality questioned my long-term goals. A genuine fascination with the complexity of the human body has been with me since early childhood and, upon reaching my decision to pursue a medical career, I immediately resigned from the media. It is my current role, working as a healthcare assistant in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary’s Oncology department, which has truly cemented my dedication to training to become a doctor.

Charged with ensuring that patients receiving chemotherapy treatment are settled comfortably, I take responsibility for assisting at mealtimes and with toileting. Maintenance of hygiene in the clinical areas is key. Organising and managing Outpatient Oncology clinics, I feel very valuable to patients and often act as advocate, confidante and occasional counsellor. I meet with many opportunities to assist nurses, most frequently with the admission of chemotherapy drugs and subsequent observation of patients. I have received appropriate training on cannulation; I have also helped with venepuncture procedures and peripherally-inserted central catheters. The aspiration of post-operative wounds has been of particular interest to me as, after graduating medical school, my hope is to move into the field of surgery. Having gained firsthand experience of the busy working life of a hospital and interacted in a team that includes consultants, specialist registrars, junior doctors, specialist nurses and students, I have demonstrated considerable dedication to furthering my knowledge. I have undertaken an NVQ III in Health and qualified as a phlebotomist, as well as organising several work-experience placements within the wider hospital. These allowed me to spend time with a radiologist, reviewing paperwork and observing mammograms, ultrasound-guided biopsies and a cyst removal. Later, I shadowed a breast surgeon and then a plastic/reconstruction surgeon, gaining insight into all areas of the job from attending multi-disciplinary meetings to going into theatre. I observed three mastectomies, one bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and the reconstruction of a severely damaged foot. These fascinating opportunities significantly sharpened my ambition to enter the surgical field.

Currently studying for the GAMSAT entry examination, I am perfecting my chemistry, biology and physics knowledge to match first year degree level. Learning at home testifies to my inherent discipline and motivation, whilst I ensure that I am up-to-date in my reading of relevant publications and subscription to journals. On a more personal note, I have in the past organised fundraising events for cancer charities, allowing me to play on my strengths as a manager of people whilst benefiting a great cause. Hobbies that I enjoy include reading and walking with friends; I understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable work/life balance, yet I am sincerely looking forward to the academic challenges of returning to university. I see your course as the crucial next step in reaching my ambitions and am fully prepared to demonstrate the necessary enthusiasm, skill and commitment that will see me achieve my full potential.

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