Medicine Personal Statement

Sample Medical Personal Statement

My drive to study medicine and help others extends from witnessing the devastating effects of inadequate medical care. It has become a dream of mine to dedicate my life to doing what I can to ensure that people are offered the care and treatment that many lack. Having also experienced the comfort and care that the medical profession offers from a patient’s perspective, I am confident that both my academic ability and drive to care for others will allow me to emulate those that I have admired in the profession.

A strong overall performance at GCSE level, despite personal difficulties, demonstrates my ability to succeed across all subjects, while studying Chemistry has allowed me to improve my evaluative, practical and time management skills. Biology has improved my understanding of key processes and technical laboratory skills and my strong performance in Maths is an indicator of my ability to apply a logical approach to problem solving. Outside of more these subjects, Psychology has made me aware of the importance of treating each patient as an individual.

I have also undertaken extra-curricular courses to ensure that I have the best foundation for study of medicine. I took part in an access programme at the University of Manchester, attending workshops and producing an assignment to university level, improving my independent study and research skills. I was also selected to take part in the Aim Higher Chemistry and Medicine schemes. We were required to carry out independent research on the chemical features and biological uses of certain drugs, presenting our findings in a PowerPoint presentation. This experience enhanced my research and communication skills, as well as improving my confidence and knowledge of the subject area.

I have carried out 7-weeks work experience at a local surgery, in which I became the point of contact for the patients, improving my communication skills and highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong patient-doctor relationship. I also volunteered for 3 weeks at a pharmacy, learning about the prescription of drugs and confidentiality issues, a fascinating opportunity to observe medicine from another perspective. I have undertaken various placements within care facilities for the elderly, which has improved awareness of the importance of care and my ability to work as part of a team to provide it.

My interest in the medical profession means that even employment opportunities that have focused on my ICT and organisational skills have been related, such as my time assisting at Eye Care Optical, where my multi-lingual ability to communicate with people of different backgrounds also proved useful. I will be expanding my experience during my gap year, having organised placements at Ashbourne Nursing Home, Springhill Hospice and Redwood School for the disabled, and voluntary work with the Samaritans.

Outside of my interest in medicine I am a keen sportsman. I play for my local cricket club, refining the teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills I have gained through study and employment. I am also a keen weightlifter and have been boxing for many years, both of which have increased my confidence and discipline.

I believe that I have the necessary intellectual ability and communication skills to become an exceptional doctor. More importantly, I have the motivation and drive, allowing me to gain significant experience in the field and to overcome personal challenges to perform academically, which will ensure that I continue to apply the same hardworking approach to undergraduate study.

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