Medicine Personal Statement 22

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

Medicine has shaped my life; first by assisting me through childhood illness and then by inspiring me to pursue the knowledge and practical experience necessary to join the profession. Despite personal and logistical difficulties, I have consistently proven myself to be a talented and dedicated student, driven by a desire to understand the human body and to use this understanding to deliver on medical science’s promise of improving lives.

I have worked ceaselessly towards my long-held dream of studying medicine. After excelling at school in Algeria, graduating amongst the top 50 pupils in the country, I pursued a medical education in the UK. While completing a Certificate of English Language, it became clear that my international qualifications would not be considered, however. A brief attempt to study Computing only confirmed what I already knew: that I would not be satisfied giving up that easily. Instead, I embarked on A-level study in the UK, completing four in a single year and winning a place at UCL medical school. I completed the BSc Medical Sciences with Physiology with a high 2:1 average grade, enjoying particular success with my thesis on the role of stem cells in cancer, which was one of two publications I have published on PubMed and has gone on to become the most accessed article. Unfortunately, family circumstances precluded me from completing this course, as I was required to return home and support my family. Fully intending to return to my studies, with the full backing of UCL, my place on the course ultimately became untenable due to delays related to my scholarship from the Algerian government. Since that point in time, I have been tirelessly working towards completing my medical degree, confident that I have proven both my ability and ambition within the field.

Alongside the knowledge I have gained through study, I have also gained extensive practical experience. As a volunteer at University College Hospital during my A-level year, I carried out a variety of non-medical duties, communicating with patients and realising the importance of a strong rapport. These skills also proved useful during my time as a Medical Interpreter, helping staff to communicate with Arabic and French speakers. As part of my degree, I undertook work experience across a range of departments, gaining an idea of the multi-disciplinary nature of the work and the compassion, dedication and skill involved. The ‘professional development spine’ of the course ensured that I worked within a hospital context weekly, gaining a grounding in examination skills, communication, ethics and law and epidemiology. To enhance my practical abilities, I have also undertaken an Auxiliary Nurse Training course and a First Aid and Basic Resuscitation Course, to gain hands on experience of all aspects of medicine, from basic care to emergency procedures. Despite the unfortunate delay in my pursuit of a full medical degree, I have also used the time since graduation to enhance my knowledge through taking a range of related jobs in medical admin across many departments, including urology, oncology and general practice. This has enhanced my knowledge of medical terminology and the administrative structure of the field.

Outside of medicine, I am equally passionate about making a positive impact on my community. At medical school I was involved in a number of societies geared towards raising money for medical institutions, such as Great Ormond Street, or inspiring cohesion between students. As a keen traveller, with a passion for language and culture, I enjoy meeting people and understanding different traditions.

Despite the personal and practical difficulties I have faced, I have never given up on my goal. This that not only demonstrates my ability, ambition and dedication, but also the inspiring mix of intellectual and emotional reward that medicine offers, fostering the infinite determination to overcome these obstacles and realise my ultimate potential.

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