Medicine Personal Statement 19

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

My determination to study Medicine developed from my own personal experience. My mother’s illness gave me first-hand experience of the effect that illness has on both sufferers and carers. What impressed me most was the caring bedside manner of doctors, who were always professional, compassionate and diligent, and offered patients words of support, no matter what the true prognosis was. This experience had a powerful impact on me and inspired me to pursue a career in Medicine. I find the science fascinating, both in the complexities of the structure and working of the body, and also in the chemical and biological workings of disease, but even more attractive is the human dimension of the doctor’s role, his ability to bring aid and comfort to those who are suffering. My present work as an Executive Pharmacist in India’s first internationally accredited hospital has given me much insight into the world of medicine and helped me to develop those qualities of leadership, compassion and understanding, as well as the ability to work under intense pressure, that are essential to the good doctor, and I strongly believe that my academic and professional background will provide a sound foundation upon which to begin medical training.

Currently I work as a Pharmacy Technician at a District General Hospital, which gives me daily contact with in-patients and their relatives. I also liaise with GP surgeries to obtain accurate drug histories, and with hospital wards, carers and community pharmacists to facilitate continuity of care on discharge. I have also worked in purchasing and clinical trials. To gain some experience of life as a doctor, I have shadowed Orthopaedic and Psychiatry teams during ward rounds and clinics, which has demonstrated to me how important good team dynamics are in formulating treatment and management plans. I have come to understand what precise and clear communication skills are required in this profession. Studying health care management at Plymouth University has enabled me to understand the working pattern of the NHS. I have always lived in hospital accommodation, which has given me opportunities to interact with other healthcare professionals and spend time with them.

I have worked as a volunteer for the Indian Arthritis Care Foundation, overseeing the availability, accurate dispensing and distribution of drugs. I have also undertaken voluntary work in cataract clinics, conducted diabetic screening and observed in blood donation clinics, which has given me useful contact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Also I strongly believe in trying to serve the needs of the community, which is why I obtain enormous satisfaction through my contribution to voluntary work at my hospital, where I serve meals and look after the needs of the elderly on a weekly basis. Volunteering has been a challenging, humbling, yet immensely rewarding experience, which has confirmed my strong desire to study Medicine.

Outside my medical interests I lead a full life. On numerous occasions, I have performed as a singer in All India Apollo Hospitals cultural functions, participated in various science quiz competitions and presented science programmes on All India Radio. This has helped me to develop presentation skills and boosted my confidence levels. I love playing cricket and enjoy swimming, jogging and listening to music.

I appreciate that a career in Medicine requires commitment and hard work, but I have a true passion for the subject, and I am determined to succeed, both in the degree course and in the profession. I believe that I have a maturity of vision that makes my ambition realistic, and I can think of no more satisfying role in the modern world than that of the doctor. I hope you will consider my application.

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