Medicine Personal Statement 16

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

I have always wanted to work in an environment where I feel I can make a real difference to people’s lives. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than using one’s knowledge and skills for the benefit of others. This outlook has guided me towards wanting to become a doctor; the voluntary work and work experience that I have undertaken in recent years has both helped prepare me to study medicine and increased my desire to become a doctor.

I have observed the work of doctors on two different but equally rewarding work placements.I spent two weeks at a local general practice, which revealed to me the holistic approach that is deployed by primary care teams. I also learnt that it is absolutely crucial for GPs to develop a bond of trust with their patients so that they feel at ease when discussing their problems.A placement shadowing an orthopaedic surgeon at Newham Hospital provided me with an insight into how the occupational therapists, radiologists, nurses and surgeons all functiontogether as a team to provide effective treatment for patients. Furthermore, observingon the same placement the expert way in whicha the doctor guided a patient through the potentially traumatic experience of running an MRI scan to examine a tumouremphasised to me that empathy is a crucial trait for a doctor.

I also volunteered at Newham as a Patient Service Assistant. The role allowed me to experience direct interaction with hospital patients. On one occasion I acted as a Gujarati interpreter for a patient who did not speak English; the patient’s appreciation at me being able to help them in this way was the greatest personal reward of my time as a volunteer. I currently volunteer at a children’s hospice, an experience which provides me with a different perspective on palliative support and the varying approaches suited to different age groups.

During my gap year I plan to become more closely involved with health work in preparation for studying medicine. I have arranged to work in a pharmacy, which has enrolled me on two training courses. This placement will allow me to develop my knowledge of the pharmaceutical side of medicine and I look forward to the independent study that is required throughout the year. I appreciate studying medicine is a commitment to lifelong learning; this early step on that path is a challenge that inspiresme.

I also look forward to improving my interpersonal skills on my gap year by travelling to South Africa and volunteering to teach English at an orphanage. During my time at secondary school I have been involved with various initiatives that have similarly helped instil in me some of the personal qualities that are required of doctors.I represented the school’s first teams in hockey, tennis, and netball, and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to go on tours to Australia and New Zealand with the netball team. My involvement with these sports teams taught me that team success is more enjoyable, in many ways, than personal achievement.My participation as group leader in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award provided me with a fantastic opportunity to hone my leadership and communication skills. The volunteering work that I undertook as part of the scheme with a charity that organises in-home visits and meals for the elderly, in addition to teaching me that patience is an essential part of caring for the frail,was highly rewarding because it allowed me to make a difference to the lives of the people whom I visited.

Although I recognise that being a doctor is a highly demanding career choice, starting from the first day of medical school and continuing for the full span of one’s professional lifetime, I believe that my past achievements have provided me with an early preparation for the challenges that I would face as a medical student, and have also convinced me that I have the necessary drive and determination to become a doctor.

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