Medicine Personal Statement 14

Medicine Personal Statement Example

Practising Medicine offers a unique opportunity to combine the emotional rewards of making a real difference in the lives of your patients with the intellectual cut and thrust of an ever-changing, and endlessly challenging, discipline. Advances in medical science may offer resolution for some of the problems facing our world, but without the care and communication that medical staff employ as a matter of routine, these solutions will never be implemented. Having built on existing knowledge of the field through study, independent research and work experience, I believe that I have the right combination of ability and interests to make a real contribution through undergraduate study and beyond.

During a one week placement at Lewisham Hospital, I worked with both junior doctors and consultants across a number of departments, including CT scanning, Accident and Emergency and histopathology. I was also lucky enough to observe an abdominal hysterectomy and to speak to patients on dialysis waiting for kidney transplants, giving me direct experience of the surgical areas of Medicine. The latter, in particular, inspired an interest in xenotransplantation, which I developed through undertaking an extended research project on the subject. I found Jeffrey Platt’s work on the zoontotic risks of using pigs within xenotransplantation particularly useful and am keen to learn more about issues of host defence. My second placement at Mayday Hospital allowed me to spend time with nurses, highlighting the importance of excellent communication between staff and patients in the delivery of care. By assisting with medical procedures, and interacting with patients, both of these placements allowed me to experience the daily life of a doctor and to witness the combination of knowledge and interpersonal communication which characterise the profession.

I have not only dedicated my studies to preparation for studying Medicine, I have also prioritised contributing to my community and gain a great deal of enjoyment from assisting others. During voluntary work at Carew Manor, a secondary school for children who are disabled or have learning difficulties, I built strong relationships with the students to help them throughout their education. Equally, volunteering at a soup kitchen in Atlanta, offered a chance to distribute food to the homeless and poor. The most rewarding aspect of these roles was communicating with each person as an individual and witnessing the impact that my assistance could make in their lives. It is this, alongside my intellectual engagement with the field that has driven me to continue studying Medicine.

Having grown up assisting my father in the running of his private medical company whenever possible, I have also gained experience of the business aspects of the industry. Realising how lucky I am to have this ‘inside information’, I have set up a Medical Society at my school, designed to guide interested students through what they need to do to apply for Medicine. I also have a column in the school economics magazine, in which I discuss NHS reform to try and engage students in the wider debates that are currently shaping the future of the healthcare industry. As an elected prefect, I also work together with the other prefects to provide leadership for younger students, and consider these activities very much an extension of my responsibilities in this area. By using teamwork and leadership skills I have gained through playing for my local basketball team, Lewisham Thunder, I aim to offer a positive role model.

As a dedicated and capable student, I have shown that I have what it takes to achieve strong grades within the academic aspects of studying Medicine. Beyond this, however, I have also shown that I am an awareness of the caring and communicative aspects of medical care. By focusing on both complimentary aspects, I believe I have more than prepared myself for undergraduate study and for a career within the field.

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