Medicine Personal Statement 13

Example Medicine Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by a doctor’s ability to analyse failures of the body’s complex pathways and to work out solutions that cure or relieve the patient’s distress. This fascination heightens my enthusiasm for studying Medicine, having a strong passion for scientific learning geared towards helping and improving peoples’ lives.

In order to gain a better insight in to the practice of medicine, I have gained work experience in various healthcare facilities. I shadowed GPs in three different practices and, during their routine surgeries, I observed how they combined their vast medical knowledge with good communication skills to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. In 2009, I secured a week’s placement in a small district hospital in Kenya, shadowing a doctor in the Obstetrics department. I was privileged to scrub up and observe a life saving Caesarean section. The complexity of the operation and the outcome of successfully delivering the baby produced a tremendously gratifying feeling. I did further did work experience at Wexham Park Hospital (WPH) across a range of specialities, including geriatric, orthopaedic and gastrointestinal medicine. I observed several junior doctors and some consultants doing a wide range of routine work, ranging from the exciting total knee replacement I was allowed to observe, to the ward rounds and clerical duties. By shadowing GPs and hospital doctors I was able to see firsthand the reality of a doctor’s life. I could also appreciate the importance of having a good doctor-patient relationship, which is based on trust, empathy, confidentiality and understanding the patient holistically. I could also see how vital it is for a doctor to be a good team player and leader in the efficient running of a multi-disciplinary team.

I have been volunteering at a Nursing home since 2009, an extremely rewarding experience. By talking and listening to the residents, I have been able to understand their complex emotional needs. I have also been a volunteer at WPH for over a year in the Acute Medicine Unit. As an active member of the team, I assist nurses, healthcare assistants, porters and the catering staff. I am a volunteer at Thames Valley Adventure Playground and at Mencap, who cater for children and adults with learning disabilities respectively. I have learnt that communicating with children and adults requires good listening skills, non-verbal communication and patience. In Kenya, I also volunteered to distribute food and water to the Maasai tribe in the drought stricken Magadi area. This was a humbling experience that reminded me of how basic our needs really are and how poverty impacts adversely on health. In my gap year, I will be volunteering at an orphanage in India, learning how voluntary organisations operate abroad. To fund this, I have secured a job as a Healthcare Assistant at WPH, taking on additional responsibility. I also intend to travel through Africa and hopefully climb Mt Kilimanjaro for charity.

I read the ‘New Scientist’ for articles on developments in medicine. I play the Tabla, organising concerts and teaching a beginner’s class. As a keen sportsman, I captain a five-a-side football team and also enjoy cricket, swimming and Karate. I was a school councillor and found this a good opportunity to bond with and support my peers.

Having experienced various aspects of the field of medicine, I realise that this is a demanding profession requiring dedication, determination and hard work. However these rewarding, inspiring experiences, coupled with my studies in related subjects, have reinforced my desire and commitment to fulfilling my ambition of becoming a doctor.

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