Medicine Personal Statement 9

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

As a seven year old boy a parentally enforced visit to a hospital ward was not my idea of how to spend Christmas morning. However, in retrospect, this experience triggered a continuing fascination in the world of medicine. Progressing through school with a strong academic interest in science-based subjects and an empathetic nature culminating with an opportunity to work with a family in the slums of Bangalore my career choice to follow medicine has followed a logical progression.

Work placements carried out in a local hospital have proved an invaluable insight. I had the opportunity to visit neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic and general surgery departments. Shadowing clinical staff in outpatient clinics I observed the incisive communication skills required to elicit a medical history from patients within a short time frame. At one clinic when diagnoses of multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease were made I was impressed with the doctor’s sympathetic approach. Not only was a clear explanation of the symptoms provided but also reassurance regarding future management of the diseases given. Spending time on the ward I gained an understanding of the necessity of good communication and interaction between medical and nursing staff and other healthcare professions. My surgical placements immediately dispelled any doubt as to how I would cope in this environment. The contrast between the microscopic dexterity of the neurosurgeon clipping an aneurysm to the physical exertion required from the orthopaedic surgeon in the internal fixture of a fractured femur was enormous. Observing such procedures emphasised the essential collaboration of all members of the surgical team. During my gap year I have arranged further placements in ophthalmology and cardiology departments and at a G.P. practice.

My most useful work experience has been gained over the past year volunteering in a brain injury rehabilitation unit. I enjoy assisting patients with creative activities, serving refreshments and simply having a chat. My time there has highlighted the often difficult recuperation period when emotional needs of a patient can be as important as physical needs. This opportunity of interaction has proved a rewarding, enlightening and sometimes sobering experience. During my gap year I will continue this work and also commence a volunteer role in the medical assessment unit of a local hospital.

My school achievements include attaining awards for outstanding academic performance at junior and senior level. I was appointed a school prefect and throughout my school career I have played on the hockey team, selected for both 1st and 2nd XI teams. I have attained the Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold awards and in the process completed a St Johns Ambulance course in emergency medicine.

I am also a member of a local tennis club. Serving as captain of a team for the past 7 years has developed my organisational and motivational skills in a competitive environment. I represented my region in the Matchplay Championships and have also volunteered to assist coaching junior club members.

Last summer I travelled to India with Habitat for Humanity to work alongside a family constructing their new home. Limited to a two week timeframe teamwork was a crucial aspect of this build. I took a lead role in building operations and was richly rewarded in completion of the project on the final day. I returned home with a renewed desire to make a positive difference to the lives of others. This year, with my earnings from a part time job, I plan another volunteering trip abroad ,this time in a hospital setting.

I have witnessed at first hand the stresses and personal demands faced by medical staff. Nevertheless these are much outweighed by the satisfaction derived from such a fascinating job. With my capacity for hard work, enquiring scientific mind and resolute determination I am equipped to embrace that challenge.

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