Medical Science Personal Statement

Sample Medical Science Personal Statement

As a keen sportsman who has always had a love of science, the impact of Biochemistry in performance enhancement fascinates me. It is my ambition to become a research scientist specialising in nutritional biochemistry, and I ultimately aspire to set up my own successful health supplement business.

A Biochemistry degree would enable me to combine the academic interests and skills I have acquired at A-level. In Biology I am particularly interested in genetics and protein synthesis. The fact that for every task in a living organism, there is a protein designed to carry it out intrigues me, particularly since some of the ways molecular particles communicate with each during such complex processes, remain a mystery. I love combining my understanding of human physiology with my Chemistry knowledge to learn about the effects of different drugs, and the ways these are developed. Through both these subjects I have developed excellent scientific practical and analytical skills, particularly when researching my coursework on the relationship between chirality and reactivity. I have a keen attention to detail, an organised approach to work and am able to present data clearly and concisely. Thanks to my Maths AS I am confident performing complex calculations. Through my PE A-level, I have learnt about the practical effects of Biotechnology, such as products which stimulate protein synthesis or aid recovery. I am fascinated by the huge extent to which human performance can be modified and manipulated by chemicals, possibly specific to certain genes. I look forward to discovering more about this exciting area at degree level so that I can later play a part in future scientific developments.

I have extended my knowledge of these areas beyond my A-level syllabi with extensive independent research. I regularly subscribe to ‘New Scientist’, and enjoyed reading Malcolm Collins’ ‘Genetics and Sport’ and Charles Tanford and Jacqueline Reynolds’ ‘Natures Robots: A History Of Proteins’. Although these books proved insightful, I felt the level of influence a person’s genetic make up plays on their athletic capability was left undeveloped and look forward to the opportunity of learning more on this subject during my degree.

A Biochemistry degree would open up a wide spectrum of career opportunities, several of which I have observed through work experience. In 2008 I spent 2 weeks in the Pathology Laboratory at North Middlesex Hospital. I helped diagnose pathogenic infections using computer programmes in radiology also used computer and analytical skills to help route MRI scans. Although guided by the consultants I was able to use my initiative and work independently. In 2010 I had the opportunity to put my A-level knowledge, such as ratios and proportions, into practice in the scientific working environment of a local Pharmacy. I learnt about drug administration, and how drugs are catalogued on databases. I also spent a week in a Holland and Barratt store, where I was able to compare the range of food s and supplements used to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle.

My interest in Biochemistry stems from my have a passion for health and fitness. My main sport is rugby; I have played for Middlesex County since age 14 and currently play internationally for The England Student Rugby League team, whilst Vice-Captaining the Mill Hill School 1st XV. I also pole vault for Middlesex County and achieved national 5th place at the English Schools Athletics Final in [date]. Reaching this high level has required consistent commitment to training and progress, which mirrors my attitude towards my studies. I have the focus and determination to succeed in my chosen career path. In addition, these activities have given me excellent teamwork and leadership capabilities. My communication and social skills have been further developed by my role on the School Council and as a Grand Mentor within my boarding house, where I am entrusted with responsibility for younger pupils’ pastoral care. I plan to play an active role in all aspects of university life.

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