Medical Personal Statement

Medical example personal statement.

My ambition to become an Operating Department Practitioner is inspired by a love of the science involved in healthcare and many years’ experience of working in the service of other people. I am applying as a mature student who has recently completed a degree in Biomedical Sciences at Birkbeck College. I have spent eleven years as a Youth Worker for various agencies and also worked as a Teaching Assistant while I was studying for my degree, a combination of duties which I believe is good evidence of my ability to work under pressure and to meet the responsibilities of the workplace. The role of Operating Department Practitioner attracts me because it allows me to use my scientific knowledge and skills to help those who are at their most vulnerable and to work as part of a medical team in an environment in which the highest possible standards are called for. I am excited by the prospect of working alongside medical specialists during the most intense stages of their professional lives and providing critical care, both in theatre and in the Intensive Care Unit. I would take pride in successfully meeting the demands of my post, ensuring that instruments and equipment are available and monitoring the patient’s progress through the use of sophisticated anaesthetic, surgical and diagnostic devices. I am eager to play my part in such intense work and to be seen as an utterly reliable and expert member of the vital team.

The move into healthcare marks a change of career direction for me, but is clearly related to my earlier working life. From 1999 to 2009 I was a Youth Worker. My objective was to support the personal development of young people between the ages of 11 and 25, through organising activities which gave my charges an understanding of their responsibilities in the world and how to meet them. I ran academic, health, and arts-based activities as well as sporting projects, with the aim of enabling young people, particularly those who are not in employment or education, to make positive choices about their lives. I offered counselling and support to help clients to find a role in society, and my role also involved close contact with other professional agencies in the field, and I trained and managed other staff. For three years I was a Youth Worker/Monitor, assisting the school staff with the support of pupils with emotional and behavioural problems, or those who were under-performing. I worked closely with teachers, the LEA, Social Services and the Youth Offending Team, as well as providing information and support to parents. While studying for my degree I worked as a Teaching Assistant, where I supported the work to encourage the educational and personal development of pupils and ran intervention programmes to foster emotional and behavioural development, and to offer speech and language therapy and occupational health therapy, as well as performing administrative duties and preparing equipment and resources. Throughout my working career I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of meeting the needs of others and have fulfilled my responsibilities in a mature and efficient manner. In my spare time I am a football coach, serving the community through working with disadvantaged young people to offer them ways of improving their lives.

Being an OPD has the great appeal of allowing me to combine my love of science with the reality of clinical practice, and to express my devotion to care through my medical expertise and skill. My working life has demonstrated my ability as a manager, a problem-solver, a communicator and a team player. I am highly organized, have great initiative but am always eager to learn, and it is in my nature to be able to empathise with those in my care. I am totally committed to my goal and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful OPD.

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