Medical Personal Statement 17

Example Medical Personal Statement

As a Biomedical Science undergraduate I was fascinated by advancements in medical research. From being able to vaccinate against pathogenic disease, we have made possible the generation of new organs and more recently the future eradication of disorders such as infertility. I became fascinated by immunology and its treatment possibilities; from pioneering cancer treatments through gene therapy, to the benefits of mucosal administration of peptides in treating autoimmune disorders. This was a topic on which I chose to base my final year project, titled “The Effect of Nasally Administered a3(iv)NC1 on The Glomerular Expression of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 in Experimental Autoimmune Glomerulonephritis”. The in-depth research and practical nature of this project consolidated my academic interest, and having gained clinical experience in a variety of settings, I am inspired to apply for Medicine and achieve my future ambition- to specialise in cardiology.

Prior to and during my degree I volunteered in care settings. I spent a year at a hospital stroke unit alongside my A-Levels, where I observed physiotherapists and learned the importance of sensitive communication. I went on to volunteer at a paediatrics unit in a Caribbean hospital, and found the insight into the nature of care offered in another country very interesting given my experiences in the UK. I also found contrast shadowing a local GP in a community context. Alongside my degree, I worked as a healthcare assistant at a general hospital, rotating several departments from A&E to paediatrics, coronary care, and the cardiac catheterisation lab. In particular the latter gave me the opportunity to work as a runner nurse during procedures such as angiograms and PCI, and observe surgery in practice. I am currently a band III health care assistant in a busy university hospital A&E, practising emergency life support, defibrillation, and the application of dressings. This environment requires me to think fast and communicate effectively with the multi-disciplinary team. This role has inspired my desire for continued professional development in the field. Above all the reward of talking to patients and playing a part in successfully treating them for their ailments is immeasurable and fires my ambition to qualify in Medicine.

I have sought extra knowledge to widen my skillset. I am a Level 2 in British Sign Language, allowing me to communicate with a broader range of patients. I have been a member of St John’s Ambulance providing first aid at events including the London Marathon since 2007, and during 2009 I worked as a medic at 02 Arena events alongside London Ambulance Service members. I have also received basic adult and paediatric life support training in the course of my work. Alongside these rewarding activities I was active in sport at my university; during my time as Vice-captain of the Netball squad we were the league champions in our division of BUCS. Here I reinforced my leadership skills and learned how to manage my time effectively, as well as strategic thinking and teamwork. I assisted in organising our team “Raise and Give” event; a 24hr netball match sponsored by our student union, supporting breast cancer awareness and Dame Kelly Holmes charities. I also started the first dance society on my university campus, organising photo-shoots and publicity for the club, as well as learning to balance demands on my time. An Uprising Leadership course I took in 2009 taught me skills such as networking, petitioning and the running of community campaigns; these skills are integral in leading a medical team, and I am naturally drawn to such roles.

No day is the same in a clinical setting: the ability to make instant decisions and apply knowledge to a variety of situations is crucial. I believe I have the potential to truly make a difference to others and the MBBS would allow me to fulfil this, building on the skills and knowledge I have already worked hard to gain.

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