Medical Personal Statement 13

Sample Medical Personal Statement

As a child I was fascinated by observing my father’s treatment for glaucoma, and the apparent complexity of both human biology and medical intervention. Yet perhaps most influential in the formation of my future plans has been assisting in the care of my young godson, whose many chronic medical needs have given me a real insight into the daily reality of medical treatment, and environments such as the children’s hospice which supports his care. The staff’s approach is fundamentally underpinned by a bond with the patients and families, and an investment in their individual situations and needs. As a final-year Pharmacology student and childrens’ care worker I am keen to transfer my skills and knowledge to a medical career built on the lessons learned from both disciplines.

Since working at a care home in Canada as part of a Girl Guide camp, I have worked in palliative care in long-stay and stroke rehabilitation wards. Bonding with residents throughout their journey to recovery has taught me that a doctor must aim to develop relationships with individuals as well as endeavour to cure diseases. As a support worker for children with sensory impairment and disabilities requiring communication support, this skill has been invaluable. I have recently been promoted to Senior Support Worker for Sense Scotland after several years of service; mentoring new staff and working with practitioners from primary care, health and social work departments have improved my ability to communicate at all levels. Training in a variety of intervention techniques, from sensory play to epinephrine pen use, has given me confidence to work under pressure and manage patient stress with compassion. I have gained various certificates including Autism Awareness and in an effort to expand my communicative potential I completed the British Sign Language level 1 course as a foundation for further study .In 2010 I supported a family at the Listen to Me 5 conference, which allowed me to learn more about sensory impairment from both professionals and patients.

My studies in Pharmacology have exposed me to a range of life sciences including immunology and human physiology, and I have developed an interest in cardiovascular conditions which inspired me to shadow a cardiologist; having observed a coronary angioplasty on a patient who had suffered complications from an earlier procedure, I saw the importance of a flexible approach in medicine. I went on to conduct a research project exploring the development of types of pulmonary hypotension for which I completed in vivo Home Office licenced training. The observation of multi-system responses to draw new conclusions was illuminating, and the experimental aspects instructive due to the attention to detail and preparation required. I recently undertook a Physiological Society Studentship during which I conducted in vivo research to investigate tissue responses, with a view to present at the 2011 BPS Winter meeting.

At university I am Pharmacology Society Treasurer, a role which has further developed my organisational skills. I am currently receiving training for ChildLine counselling, inspired by my passion for communicating with the young. I was Deputy Head Girl at my school, a mentoring and management role which I found extremely rewarding for the chance to contribute to school life. I have played the double bass and clarinet for over 10 years and also play badminton weekly; both activities demand discipline but also provide an outlet for relaxation. I enjoy travel and plan to study languages in future to broaden my cultural awareness.

Compassion and dedication are themselves powerful cures alongside medical skill and knowledge. I firmly believe that it is my pervasive understanding of the patient’s perspective, as well as the practical and academic abilities attained from my Pharmacology degree, which will equip me to become an asset to this profession and look forward to the challenges and rewards which lie ahead.

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