Medical Personal Statement 8

Example Medical Personal Statement

The human form is beautifully complex. Susceptible to genetic and environmental impacts, science and technology are important factors in preserving delicate yet resilient life. Medicine offers a rewarding career which make significant differences to people’s health. I wish to utilise and share my knowledge, passion and ambition to become successful and active player in health care.

To further explore my interest in medicine, I have undertaken a range of health care work experience. This practical experience has confirmed my passion for medicine, highlighting my natural caring skills, curiosity and willingness to further my own learning.

For two years, I have been a voluntary ward assistant. Assisting in the surgical ward and medical assessment unit, I was responsible for conversing with patients, understanding their personal and medical history. Learning patient’s stories, hopes and fears, has developed my empathic skills in highly emotional situations. Impromptu tasks has encouraged me to use my initiative, organisation and prioritising skills to assist the team. I have also had the opportunity observe and participate in clinical tasks, such as echocardiography, taking blood and suturing. I have seen how doctors effectively problem solve and diagnose the appropriate course of action, while consistently showing care and devotion, many going beyond their call of duty, highlighting the demands of this profession.

Contrasting to the hospital ward is my experience in a General Practice. Here I observed a range of behaviours and preconceptions people present to their doctor. This has demonstrated the importance of proactive listening skills to understand the symptoms to reach a diagnosis, while fully informing the patient of benefits and risks. Learning that people are usually experts in their own illness, they may be able to make informed medical decisions. With patients being more involved in their healthcare, critical assessment and clear communication is imperative.

As a teacher assistant in a Special Needs school, I was highly involved in interacting with pupils, encouraging and ensuring tasks were completed. Working with children with a range of disabilities, has developed my communication skills with those who need extra care and attention to basic tasks, such as feeding and talking. This experience highlighted the challenges carers’ face, from understanding the condition, personalities and adjustments needed for each individual. Difficult situations arose frequently; therefore my ability to manage these in a calm and decisive manner was essential for the child and class. Patience, clear communication, observation and attention are skills which I have enhanced during this experience.

These experiences have emphasised the realities of working in the health care profession. From standard diagnoses, complex procedures and emotion management, to ethical guidelines and legal boundaries. I have a deeper understanding of how science, technology and people all work in tandem to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is an overriding factor in the success of all the placements, where cooperation and communication is essential to the care and treatment of patients. Hobbies such as baking, jogging and yoga have highlighted the importance of structure, focus and personal health while working in a highly demanding environment.

I am an advocate of self-directed learning in the field of medicine. I subscribe to several medical magazines, providing the latest news and developments in medicine. Patient care and empathy is equally important to recovery and health, whereby the counselling course has strengthened my interpersonal and interrogative skills.

My understanding and passion for science, technology and people is a sound basis for embarking on a career in medicine. Academia, skills and experience reflect my motivation to pursue this challenging yet exciting path of contributing to a healthier future.

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