Medical Personal Statement 4

Example Medical Personal Statement

Due to my heritage and the political volatility in my homeland Afghanistan, I have learnt to respect life in any form. As my graduation from Queen Mary University in London is fast approaching, I feel it is appropriate that I study medicine further, to quench my continual thirst for knowledge and improve my capability to help those in need. Furthermore, now that I have developed my theoretical knowledge I would relish the opportunity to apply it in a more practical sense.

Prior to studying Biomedical Science, I completed four relevant A-levels in which I performed strongly; results which were also mirrored by my GCSEs. The subject matter and diligence required prepared me well for undergraduate study, where I have continued to perform to a high academic standard. Moreover, my international background has allowed me to master numerous languages, including Farsi, Dari, Urdu, Hindi, English, and to a lesser extent, German and Russian. I believe my lingual proficiency will broaden my employment opportunities and aid me in achieving my ambition to work abroad in disadvantaged nations.

To compliment my theoretical understanding of the medical profession, I have embarked upon various work placements, both domestically and abroad. Spending two weeks in Nangarhar Hospital in Afghanistan in 2007, I came to understand the challenges of medical care in poverty-stricken conditions, and the difficulties which female doctors face in a culture where women are considered second-class citizens. In addition, I have also spent two weeks with GP Direct in 2008 enabling me to experience a very different kind of doctoring. Shadowing professionals and aiding with administration allowed me to appreciate the complexities of a far more developed healthcare system. This was supplemented by a week at the Royal Free Hospital, spent with biomedical scientists and looking after patients, which helped to develop my interpersonal and communicative skills. Such diverse experience has given me a real insight into the variety of careers available in the medical spectrum and fuelled my desire to assist the sick and ill-fortuned.

My need to help people transcends beyond my intended profession, and extends into my personal life, where I carry out a variety of voluntary and charitable work. For the past five years I have been a major contributor to the Anti Racist Alliance, where I have organised events and held English classes. I have also worked in the PDSA charity shop, where I had a variety of retail based responsibilities. Such duties and tasks have developed my confidence both in a team and as an individual, as well as enhancing my leadership and organisational skill. In 2010 I spent time with an orphanage in Afghanistan where my first-hand interaction with the children increased my sensitivity and caring abilities. Exposure to such experiences has advanced my personal understanding of selflessness and fairness, all key attributes for the medical professional.

I spend my spare time expanding my interests with activities such as dancing, photography and scuba diving. This follows on from my school career, where my dedication to competitive sport was a key facet of my extra-curricular activity.

The ability to help those in need and those less fortunate than ourselves is a rare and privileged opportunity, and one which I intend to make the most of. By furthering my medical understanding beyond Biomedical Science I believe it will allow me to help others more directly with tangible results, and allow me to pursue my objective of establishing health clinics in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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