Media Production Personal Statement

Sample Media Production Personal Statement

I am currently in the final stages of completing a PhD in the field of molecular virology at Imperial College London. Prior to undertaking the PhD project I carried out a master’s in the area of Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases at the University of London.However, my passion for science is equally matched by a fascination with creative media. In recent years I have had several opportunities to combine my scientific work with photography and video projects. Doing so has fired my enthusiasm for both of these areas and inspired me to seek out a career as a media producer specializing in science. Having gained scientific expertise through my studies, I believe that the MSc in media production will provide me with the training and expertise to make this dream a reality.

My undergraduate studies were conducted at the University of Panama in the area of Microbiology and Parasitology. My undergraduate research project was focused on the problem of the Chagas ? disease in Panama. This early research experience was my initial inspiration for pursuing a career as a scientist. A year later, I was offered a job at the Smithsonian Tropical Research institute in Panama, were I worked in an amazing bio prospecting research program called ICBG, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. Federal Government agency.Over the course of five years, we searched for useful organic compounds derived from microorganisms, plants, and edophytic fungi found in Panama’s national parks. In addition to the team publishing nine research papers during this period, I also developed an intense interest in digital photography through capturing and documenting our research trips on camera. My photography skills improved considerably during these years, with one of my photographs even appearing on the STRI website as the photo of the week.

I have always considered myself a lucky person.Through my work and studies I have had great opportunities to travel to many countries and meet people from different nationalities and backgrounds, something which further motivated me to continue my studies as a scientist.In 2007, I was awarded a scholarship by the National Secretariat for Science and Technology (SENACYT) in Panama to conduct an MSc and PhD in the UK. Being involved in the UK scientific community has given me further opportunities to be involved in different aspects of media production, all of which I have welcomed and made the most of. For example, I am the designer-editor of our lab webpage and am very proud of the efforts that I have invested in this project.I had a further opportunity to make use of my creative side and my passion for media to bring my research field to a wider audience when my PhD supervisor, Ian Goodfellow, suggested making a short video production for Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). The experience of working as a video producer and editor has been incredibly rewarding, even if I have had to develop my production and editing skills through self-teaching an intuition due to the fact I have no formal training in these areas. In spite of my inexperience I took the challenge and got to grips with mastering Final Cut Pro and the Canon 5D. I really enjoyed directing people behind the screen and editing in FCP. My motivation to pursue a career in media has increased exponentially by working on these projects.

Working with creative media has always been an important part of my personal life. Since I was a child I have been interested in photography. I enjoy taking photographs and sharing them with friends on my online personal portfolio.I especially enjoy looking at short documentaries because they inspire me and help me to realize that science and media are very great tools to deliver powerful ideas.

Whilst I have enjoyed my time as a scientist both in Panama and now in London, I have always yearned to be able to inject some creativity into science. At the same time, I have always believed that the media could be harnessed as a very powerful way of bringing science to the wider public. To many people the world of science is something of a mystery; people have no idea of our work,our sacrifices, the joys and the sadness that we face every day. It is true there are great science documentaries out there, but I feel they are focused only in one part of science. I would love nothing more than to put my scientific knowledge to use as a media producer and present science to many people in an engaging and understandable way.

I hope that gaining more experience in media production will lead me a successful career in film or TV production, where, as a scientist, I will provide a new perspective, whilst also exercising my creativity. I want to live my dream of creating scientific media and share my passion with everyone. This is the path I have chosen and I am sure I will not be disappointed.

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