Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Since I was very young, I have known that I want to work with cars. Even as a small child I was always curious to look under the hood of a car. My family were quick to note my curiosity and as soon as they considered me responsible enough to handle working with heavy metal parts, they encouraged me to follow my dream and volunteer at a car repair workshop.

In the workshop, I would work for hours without tiring on engines and mechanical parts, getting my hands dirty and learning the fundamentals of automobile repair. I learned what it means to truly love what you do. I have always thought that a job cannot pay you enough if you do not love the work. So, since stepping foot in the workshop, I have been a hundred percent focused on fulfilling my ambition of designing and test driving new cars for a major automobile manufacturer such as BMW.

As that comment may reveal, I have a particular fondness for German cars, since I have spent many of my formative years in Germany and I have an admiration for German industrial precision and efficiency. My uncle works for a German automobile company, Audi, and he has given me a detailed picture of what it is like to work for a major car manufacturer on a daily basis. His enthusiasm for the work has infected me and has only strengthened my conviction that I am set on the right path.

I have researched in detail my chosen career and it quickly became obvious to me that to achieve my goal, I would need to study Mechanical Engineering. In preparation, I have taken all courses relevant to my ambition, concentrating on getting a good grounding in Math and Science, for which I have a natural aptitude, so that I am ready to major in Engineering at college.

Outside of school, I do whatever I can to prepare myself for college and my career. I read auto magazines and websites, such as Top Gear, religiously to stay ahead of the game on developments in the industry; and I love to watch Formula One racing. I picture myself test driving some of the cars on the circuit in a few years.

I recognise that luck plays a significant part in success on top of determination and talent. I feel fortunate to have spent so many years in Germany where I have learned a foreign language and developed an international outlook on life and work. This background gives me a head start in my drive to race to the top of the automobile industry, especially in Formula One, which is such an international competition.

I count myself truly blessed to have a purpose to which I can devote all my energy and attention. The worst thing in life, as I far as I am concerned, is to be rudderless and without direction. Many are not as lucky as I am in this respect.

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