Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Example Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

As a result of a lifelong love of cars and science, for some time now I have had my ambitions set on working in an area related to mechanics. In more recent years, a combination of my more advanced studies in physics and mathematics and work experience within the field of mechanical engineering have drawn me to study this subject at university with the ultimate goal of becoming a mechanical engineer.

I believe that my love of cars has had a highly beneficial effect on my enthusiasm for science, because this passion has ensured that I have always made the effort to link physics and mathematics principlesto explaining this area of intense personal interest. These subjects have opened my eyes to aspects of mechanical engineering that do not cease to fascinate me. I am especially interested, for example, in the field of dynamics; the complexities of calculating different velocities and accelerations of a system in motion are both fascinating to a car enthusiast, and are also central to the study of mechanical engineering. I like to build on the understanding of the theoretical side of mechanical engineering that I have gained through my school studies by reading a wide range of publications on engineering. These have helped build my practical understanding of the field by enlightening me about factors such as manufacturing techniques, advances in information technology that aid mechanical engineers and the business side of the engineering world.

My work experiences have brought me into contact with various engineering sectors. My first work placement was at a contractor that specialized in plumbing and gas. The work opened my eyes to the different types of engineering specialism that are required to construct the world around us, from civil engineers involved in the design of structures to electronic and mechanical engineers who build and maintain the machinery that allows construction to take place. During the course of the placement I became increasingly involved with the activities of one of the contractor’s sister companies that specialized in mechanical maintenance, and it was this experience that helped me to realize that I could combine my love of machines with a career in engineering.As a consequence of this experience, I moved on to another work placement at a car maintenance company. It was a joy to observe and be involved in basic car engineering. Carrying out maintenance tasks such as changing pistons gave me a greater appreciation for how the numerous components of a car work together, as well as how a problem with just one part can cause a breakdown of the entire vehicle.

I have also gained more general work experience through my mother’sinvolvement with HIV/AIDs research in Thailand.In the past she has organized global research conferences in this area, and I have enjoyed assisting with preparations for the conferences through helping to make preparations of the venue and the organization of the days’ proceedings, as well as offering assistance on the day to the delegates to ensure that the conferences run smoothly. I found that this work has really helped me to be able to work under pressure, as well as improving my communication skills and my overall confidence with regards to speaking in public. Outside of the classroom I also enjoy football. I am captain of my football team, which has taught me leadership skills, and more recently I have also seen that the good that sport can do in the world through participating in a charity football tournament for victims of the recent flooding in Thailand.

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual with definite and clear objectives. After completing a degree in mechanical engineering I intend to do a postgraduate research degree in the area, before one day setting up my own engineering company.

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