Maths Personal Statement

Sample Maths Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in maths, finance and accounting derives partly from the inspiration of my mother, whose professional career has been in accounting, and also from a fascination with mathematics and a natural aptitude for the subject. My hope is that I can apply my skill in mathematics to solving the problems of the real world, specifically in business and management. The economy of my home country, China, is developing at an unprecedented pace, and business is increasingly international in scope and range. To gain a qualification at a UK university would give me the knowledge and experience I need to play my part in this era of such rapid change. Accountants play a major role in the running of modern business corporations. They are experts in an immensely complex field and have a key position in ensuring that the financial information given to their clients is accurate and well informed. Mathematical and quantitative methods are central to their expertise, as is a deep knowledge of business practice and environments. The opportunities for employment are immensely varied and interesting, and offer the prospect of real job satisfaction.

I have already completed a course in accounting and management at the East China Normal University, where the competition for entry is very strong. I was very proud to be ranked in the top ten students in my class. I have also researched the accounting field far beyond the limits of my course syllabus, reading widely in textbooks and the financial media and discussing the subject in detail with my teachers. I undertook a work experience placement last year with an advertising company, acting as a financial advisor, analysing market share issues and devising marketing plans. This was a very informative experience, particularly as I soon began to notice that staff morale was not strong in the company, which was having an unfortunate effect on the product. I suggested a system of financial motivation to remedy the situation, reducing salaries and increasing bonuses, while setting up a regime of payment by results. This small change was adopted by the company and produced rapid benefits, which was very gratifying, though I also came to understand that one cannot achieve everything one plans and hopes for, but that even modest adjustments can lead to substantial improvements.

Outside my interests in the world of maths and finance, one of my major interests is in trekking. I climbed in the Himalayas last summer with a junior team, of which I was very honoured to be made the leader. Planning for the expedition was complex and detailed, and the climbing presented us with many challenges which we overcame with cooperation and determination. Reaching a summit was a true fulfilment and I felt proud of my leadership skills. Such activities are both a physical and an intellectual challenge, offering the opportunity to use one’s organisational skills to minimise risk and achieve the team’s aims.

I believe that such activities are evidence of my particular personality, attitudes and abilities. I am a determined individual, driven by a rich curiosity about many areas of life, particularly the state of the modern world and the way it runs. I hope to achieve a balance between the things I love, such as mathematics, and the demands and needs of the real world. Working in finance would allow me to apply my mathematical abilities and my philosophical interests to the world of business and human work in general. I am hard working and keen to lead, but I also enjoy working with other people and relish the interchange of ideas in a team. I have an optimistic attitude to things and believe that problems are there to be solved, and that anything is possible through thought, skill and patience. For me, study is a way of life, and intellectual challenges are what I thrive on. I offer total commitment to my chosen course, and I hope you will consider my application.

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