Maths Personal Statement

Sample Maths Personal Statement

The ability to apply sound logical thought processing and systematic steps to arrive at a conclusion is an element that I apply not only to my work but to large elements of my life and this is why the study of Mathematics so suited to me. This approach has led to me very much enjoying Double Mathematics at A-level. Although I feel I am highly competent in all syllabus areas I have a natural affiliation with statistics (probability specifically). I love the real life application behind it and this is how I derived that the degree I chose would have to consist of Mathematics and Actuarial Science for further study.

Since the start of my secondary school education, I have attained gold and silver awards in the UK Maths challenge, and have twice received ‘the best in school’ award. Competition furthers my desire to achieve and so I have always been involved with the school mathematics team, taking part in borough based tournaments, with high levels of success, placing us in the top 3 on multiple occasions. This achievement demonstrates my aptitude and enthusiasm for my subject and proved my reasons for studying further at university.

Through the gifted and talented program I have had the experience of attending the Mathematics summer schools based at Queen Marys University in London. I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the school curriculum. This also put me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn in an environment I was unfamiliar with. In turn, I gained a different insight into learning and was able to engage with a more advanced style of teaching, which prepared me for studying in a more independent way at university.

Through research, I have decided recently that I want to become an actuary. I have always known I wanted to be involved in the financial world but I had the fortune of being able to cement this during the time I spent on work experience, I worked in the treasury department of a private bank and it allowed me to gain an insight into the practical application of the skills I will need. I realised mathematic and statistical models and tools are used every day to forecast events in the future and are therefore used to assess financial risk such as stock market fluctuations.

I am hoping to secure another work experience placement for the holidays where I will be shadowing a newly qualified actuary at Axis. This unique insight will help me realise what is required of an actuary, on a day to day basis and will allow me to decipher which parts of the role I wish to specialise in.

I know to achieve top results in my degree I will have to work hard. But that is something I thrive on. From the age of 12 I did two paper rounds before school

And for the last 15 months I have worked part time at Tesco. This has helped me handle responsibility, as well the ability to manage time well. It has greatly improved my communication skills and shown me the way business works.

Although I love all things mathematical, I do feel my extracurricular activities have made me a much more rounded individual. I am a RAF cadet. My love of competition can be seen in my love of sport. Kung Fu and rugby are my primary sports. I have achieved black belt level in the former and teach younger children. I captain my club side in Rugby. This has taught me a huge amount about the skills and diplomacy required for leadership and teamwork. I also run 5km charity races to raise money for ‘Cancer Research’ and ‘Help For Heroes’ – causes I strongly support.

I believe that actuaries are people, who are academically strong, dynamic in personality and exceptional managers and I want to use my strong analytical skills to become an actuary who is proud to be hard working, and dedicated. I know by graduating, I will be able to gain employment within the financial sector.

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