Mathematics Personal Statement

Example Mathematics Personal Statement

Methodically unpacking the ways in which our existence is shaped by the mathematics that underpin it, and finding conclusive, logical proof of this, makes for an endlessly rewarding, fascinating field. For those with an intrinsically logical approach to problem solving, mathematics is the most natural and comprehensive language through which such incredible discoveries can be made. Having proven myself to be a dedicated, highly capable student of the field, I believe I have proven myself as a member of this group.

Despite being diagnosed with both Aspergers and Dyslexia, I have managed to overcome these special educational needs through hard work and determination to achieve strong grades in all subjects. In mathematics, far from being a hindrance, the logical and process driven mind associated with the prior condition have, in fact, fostered a natural aptitude for the subject, combined with an ability to become completely absorbed in study. As such, I have performed best in maths, achieving scores of 100% and 97% in my Maths and Statistics AS-Levels, and anticipating similarly high marks in future exams. In addition to my A-Level studies, I have also pursued my interest in the field through additional activities. I am currently completing an extended project (EPQ) entitled ‘Is Maths and Physics, at its core, universally related’, offering a further chance to explore the potential of maths to answer the ‘big questions’. I also organised a Maths Challenge Event for 40 students, which not only offered an opportunity to indulge my interest in the subject, but to hone my practical problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Without my previous work as a volunteer for Reach Out Plus Waterways, I may well have found the challenge of using my communication and interpersonal skills to organise such an event insurmountable. Through helping disabled children who face exclusion and discrimination work together to enjoy rewarding canal boat trips, I believe that I have gained as much, if not more, from the experience as they have. Combined with part time work as a Stockroom Assistant, this employment experience has offered opportunities to gain teamwork, communication, organisation and interpersonal skills that have really helped me to achieve my goals in both my personal life and my study.

My passion of mathematics also shapes many of my extra-curricular activities. I have always enjoyed reading around the subject, particularly where it overlaps with contemporary science. I greatly enjoyed To Infinity and Beyond by Eli Maor and Music of the Primes by Marcus de Sautoy, which both spoke to my fascination with the concept of infinity and prime numbers which originally drew me to maths. Broader debates within the scientific community also interest me and I regularly read up on maths and physics. Preparing for a recent debate on continued funding for NASA, for example, not only offered a chance to read up on the subject but also offered experience of constructing a logical, well thought out argument for an opinion contrary to my own.

I am a keen student of music and am studying towards Grade 7 on the euphonium and play with the Hillingdon Wind Band. As a dedicated sportsperson I have shown drive and commitment, gaining a black belt in Karate as well as achieving awards and completing multiple challenges in both swimming and sailing.

Through academic and extra-curricular focus on maths, I believe that I have shown myself to be a capable and ambitious student with an aptitude for logical problem solving that will allow me to achieve the same high standard at undergraduate level. Aware of the potential of maths to endlessly fascinate, I hope that I have also laid the groundwork for a long and fruitful career, progressing to postgraduate study and, ultimately, placing me in a position to apply mathematical problem solving to some of the key questions and problems that such an approach can confront.

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