Marketing and PR Personal Statement

Sample Marketing and PR Personal Statement

In today’s hugely competitive global economy, where consumers are increasingly demanding, the way a company markets their brand, product or services is decisive in securing sales. I want to deepen my knowledge and understanding Marketing in order to maximize my chances of achieving my ultimate career goal of running my own successful business.

Academically, I find Marketing fascinating. My international finance modules and work experience at a large fruit Company (Summer internships 2009 and 2010), which imports products from all over the world have also given me a deep understanding of the global economy. I enjoy reading journals beyond the scope of my degree about how these areas overlap, and am particularly interested in the problems faced by internationally expanding companies in deciding between standardisation versus adoption. I look forward to applying my Accountancy skills to compile new market assessments in order to solve problems such as this. I am also fascinated by how different market systems and national policies influence the marketing strategies of companies. The King’s College course will enable me to discover the global marketing capabilities needed for business success in a stimulating learning environment.

I enjoyed the chance to put my academic knowledge into practice whilst completing my internship by offering marketing and accounting advice. I was given a wide exposure to the different departments in organisation during my internships and learnt many skills which are fundamental to success in business. Working alongside the import manager I checked documents, which required a meticulous attention to detail, and made calculations taking account of the exchange rate, putting my strong mathematical skills to use. I witnessed in practice some of the problems that arise from cross-cultural communications, which will enable me to make a valuable contribution to group discussions on the International Business Negotiations module. With the sales manager I developed my sales skills and learnt how to quickly analyse market demand in order to set daily fruit prices and set short-term objectives for specific products. I learnt that marketing is about much more than just promoting and advertising – pricing and product placement are also fundamentally important, and have to be managed skilfully to succeed internationally. I hope to build on this knowledge and these skills under the expert guidance of world-class King’s College tutors.

After completing this course, I hope to spend a few years working in the Marketing department for a large international organisation. The knowledge I would acquire from this practical experience will be invaluable when I later launch my own business.

I believe I possess the necessary skills to succeed in business. I have strong leadership capabilities which I developed captaining my school football and volleyball teams. I organised training schedules and helped with coaching which also advanced my communication and time-management skills. I am able to communicate with a wide range of people in a variety of languages (I speak fluent Azerbaijani, Turkish and English as well as intermediate French and basic Spanish), which I believe will give me a competitive edge in the international economy. I am persistent and always work hard, striving for self-improvement, and would be a committed member of the International Marketing course. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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