Marketing and PR Personal Statement

Sample Marketing and PR Personal Statement

My interests in Public Relations, Marketing and Business extend from my experiences of my father’s rail component business in China. Creating and maintaining contacts has always been central to the growth of his company and, by accompanying him on regular meetings with prospective and existing clients, I have gained a sense of the importance of building strong relationships to his business. As an outgoing, friendly and capable student of Business Studies, I believe that my future lies with this sort of relationship building; utilising the Marketing and PR methods learnt through postgraduate study to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers.

My fascination with the world of business – a natural consequence of its central place within my upbringing- has led to me gaining a broad foundation of knowledge in the discipline. After successfully completing A-Level study, I am currently undertaking a degree in Business Management (Marketing) and have enjoyed enhancing my knowledge of the way in which it interacts with other core elements of a business, such as accounting and finance, to work towards a common goal. I am keen to specialise even further, that I may build on this existing knowledge to gain a complete awareness of the place of marketing and PR within business planning.

I have taken every opportunity to learn as much about business as possible, at all levels, while I have been studying the subject. In addition to working at a Chinese supermarket in Swansea, seeing first-hand the challenges that face local businesses, I have also used my summers to gain work further experience with my father’s company. As part of my university course, I took part in a team project based on trading on an imitation market; which not only allowed me to build team work skills but also offered an insight into the practical application of the ideas we had studied.

While studying in the UK, and in my non-native language, has presented challenges, I am proud to say that I have overcome them and I have proven my ability to perform to the required standard at both school and university level. While at school, I was also able to translate my own experience into help for others, through my role as an International Liaison Officer. I had the great honour to be interviewed by Princess Anne regarding this role, and spoke about its enhancement of my leadership and communication abilities by offering an opportunities for additional responsibility.

I try and keep abreast of daily developments in the business world, as well considering the ways in which they are presented, through a range of media. My homepage is always set to BBC Business, but I also turn to the television, radio and print media. Needless to say, with an interest in PR and Marketing, I also pay particular attention to developments in advertising.

In my spare time, I am a keen musician, singer and dancer, having played the piano for seven years and achieved a level 8 certificate in China. I have recently taken up karate and find it an inspiring and satisfying form of exercise. Through dedication and hard work, I am also quickly progressing through the grades in this martial art, achieving a green belt and a gold medal in competition in the last year. I am also a keen and independent traveller, with a passion for learning about new places, cultures and people and building connections across borders.

Having laid a strong foundation in Business Studies, I am keen to learn as much possible about Marketing and PR, through postgraduate study at a prestigious university, that I may achieve my ultimate dream of creating a successful PR company.

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